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Our Cases

Social App

This application helps organize events with your friends in just 3 clicks. It is intended for youngsters to be able to control sending invitations and attendance.

CRM/SAP Integration

A web application with a high level of integration with SAP Business One that allows automated booking of IP-calling or any other products.


Private portal aimed at facilitating scientific research and collaboration between the analysts and researchers.

City Council Portal

A government project that monitors latest developments in the city and provides access to public services for citizens and tourists.


The purpose of App is to facilitate communication between technicians and users, and with the help of such an application it will be possible to carry out repairs remotely.

Video Conference App

Turnkey video conferencing system for a web browser participation in a video conferences with internal and external users.


Free social learning platform enabling students in higher education to learn, collaborate and engage with each other more effectively.

Carpathian Seagull

Modernization and automation of the ski resort management system.

Internet of Things

The application allows comparing ongoing equipment performance to its standard performance to identify anomalies.

Russian Railways

A fully automated control system for railway transportation, including automatic problem-solving of rolling-stock-related dispatching issues.


Complex system targeted for business processes automation at financial institutions, such as banks management and investment companies, open-end funds, etc..


A strategy game that aims to assess hard skills of job candidates applying for managerial positions. Users compete with their virtual companies on the global market.


News, rental and events platform for local population and tourists which unites for a comfortable life and productive business.

Video-conferencing Tool

Web-RTC-based video-conferencing mobile application with advanced face detection algorithms allowing to add face filters, masks and other innovative features.

Football Club Fun Application

Social mobile app was designed for fans of a particular football team, where they can follow all the news of their favourite players and do lots of other things.


The app was created to simplify real estate rent and sale in Odessa. The idea behind the app was to capitalize on the growing popularity of Odessa as a tourist destination.

Service Doc

Servicedoc - on-line service for processing of documents. It allows to receive a complete document (contract, application, labor code etc.) without leaving your home in a few minutes.


A microblogging platform that respects the dignity of its community.