About us


Our Mission is to be always open and cooperative. We strive to create the most transparent environment to help our customers solve business tasks with both quality and delivery dates guaranteed.

For us, transparency means permanent and direct communication between a customer and a team of developers leading to a clear distribution of responsibilities and a better understanding of the work progress. Our customers always know what the status of the project is and what the money is paid for.


Established in 2007, we evolved from a 3-guys start-up to a 40+ mobile/web app development agency with a tailored tech stack. We elaborately narrowed our services to be based on JavaScript and PHP (Node, React, React Native, Angular, Symfony, Laravel; and WebRTC as standalone expertise).

This allowed us to avoid scatteration and focus on quality. We work with both private and public sectors meeting all intricate requirements that the latter often lays down.

Commitment to Clients

We are committed to providing you with the highest levels of service that we can deliver. We continually assess our performance, the evolving needs of IT-business in general and our client base in particular, and adapt and improve our processes/performance accordingly to ensure we continue to deliver a service that meets or exceeds the needs and expectations of our clients and partners.

Personal Development

When employees know you care about their growth, they respond. It builds trust, commitment, and a host of other benefits that impact engagement, productivity, and the bottom line. Our most valuable resource is our staff. We perfectly understand that ongoing professional development directly enhances the value of this asset hence we tend to create a corporate culture in which ongoing professional development is not only welcome but encouraged and fostered.

Integrity and Honesty

Our Data Protection Policy guarantees a high standard of compliance culture followed by each and every employee of OS-system. We ensure the highest degree of confidentiality and protection of our clients’ intellectual properties, contracts, strategies, trade secrets, and personal information.

Think Ahead of Time

Technology is evolving rapidly. This very pace of technology and the rate at which it is getting updated can cause both developers and users to be left out and outdated if they do not keep up. Over the years we have accumulated enough understanding of the industry to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a particular language or a technology and analyze their relevance. To do so, we constantly update your knowledge, test, read and post our views on trending technologies.

Our people

We are driven by a passion to create and build disruptive and innovative applications that help people solve real problems