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Decarbonization in OSSystem

Researchers from Environmental Health Perspectives made conclusions that “cognitive function scores were significantly better under Green building conditions than in the Conventional building conditions” (volume 124, number 6, June 2016, Environmental Health Perspectives). Decision-making efficiency and worker productivity are reduced when people in the office breathe in too much CO2. This statement is consistent with research on the effects of CO2 on overall brain activity and metabolism in humans.  According to the research results, elevated levels of carbon dioxide affect a decrease in metabolism and spontaneous neuronal activity of the brain, and also affect the transition to a state of reduced arousal (Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism (2011) 31, 58–67; doi:10.1038/jcbfm.2010.153; published online 15 September 2010).



Technology Stack for Project

Technology has become so entrenched in our lives and an integral part of it that it becomes a bit difficult to imagine our everyday life without it. Initially, there was not much choice of programming languages, frameworks, or libraries, and the developers creating the first programs proceeded from the limited choice. Today, however, the choice has become more extensive and often one project consists of many different technologies. How correctly you choose the “technology stack” is a big part of the success of your business.
In this article, we will consider what the “project stack” is, what it affects, what kinds of stacks exist, and how to choose it correctly. Enjoy reading!