Intellectual control system in railway transportation

Project overview

Business challenge

The load on the railroad magistral is enormous. The need in the new system to improve the operation of the locomotive complex arose. New management tools are needed within the boundaries of the polygons. Therefore, the implementation of the ITS (intelligent transportation system) in the Eastern Poligone required. Afterwards the ideology and model will be integrated to entire network.

  • Platform

  • Technology

    JavaScript, D3.JS, Ext JS, PHP, CSV, JSON, HTML
  • Team

    1 Project Manager
    4 Developers
    1 QA Engineer
    1 Designer
  • Duration

    7 months
  • Client



For the best data visualization we used d3.js which is successor of Protovis framework and

allows great control over the final visual result. It allowed us to make high quality image in svg

format from gathered data also as build interactive graphics. The screen is used for 18

monitors with expandable projection and with total resolution of 11520х3240 pixels. The main

challenge was to gather data from the railway station and interpret it to required format to

make online dashboard possible - we were receiving CSV formatted data and parsed by PHP

made application to required format for javascript to interpret this data to SVG format on

displays. Also we integrated weather condition display for each station on the screen.

In addition we performed multi-user admin panel for the reporting purposes. For its realization

we have chosen ext.js due to it UI libraries, AJAX technology applicability, good work with

DOM and other advantages.

Russian railway roads

Value delivered

  • Qualitative leap in the management of the locomotive fleet of the test site
  • Allow dispatchers to see the entire transportation process as a whole
  • In case of conflict situations in the operational work, ITS will be able to offer the dispatcher several solutions to the problem
  • Reporting system which allows to control the railway stations in timely manner