The app was created to simplify real estate rent and sale in Odessa - popular tourist destination in the South of Ukraine.

Project overview

Business challenge

The application was built due to need to simplify real estate sale and rent situation in Odessa. It was crucial to assure great UX - so that real estate agents could easily list their’s or customers’ property. Customers can intuitively find what they need in short notice and receive as much information as they require, also save it to favorites as well as share it with friends and family.

  • Platform

  • Technology

    React Native, Google Maps API, PHP, Symfony
  • Team

    1 Designer
    2 React Native Developers
    1 QA Engineer
    1 Project Manager
  • Duration

    1,5 month
  • Client

    Own Product
Illichrealty application


A mobile app that allows real estate agents to list the potential property for rent. On the other

hand, potential renters can search the property through advanced filter system or geolocation

services, save it to favorites as well as share it with friends

Illichrealty application

Value delivered

  • Good overall UX
  • Advanced multi-layer filter system
  • Favorites system
  • Various sorting options
  • Integration with Google maps
  • The app acts as a two-sided platform between real estate agents and consumers combining UIs that serve both sides.