How to create your first WebRTC video chat application

WebRTC protocol allows creating real-time communication applications between peers by using Javascript as a core technology. Today, we want to briefly describe how WebRTC applications are commonly being built and how can you make your first video chat app.

WebRTC or Web Real-Time Communication is a technology that allows establishing real-time peer-to-peer communications, exchange of video, audio and generic data within the browsers.

The most popular platforms, which are based on WebRTC technology are e Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Discord, etc.

Supported, by big companies, more entrepreneurs are starting to look at this technology as it is quite simple, but still can allow you to create a high-performing video chat application which can provide its users with all the modern functionality for such type of an application.

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With WebRTC you can not only establish a video connection but also provide your users with file sharing, which creates additional value for your future app.

Before getting into a discussion of how to build a web conference application based on WebRTC, we must clarify that there are multiple ways, methodologies and practices for the development process of such an application. Today we will describe the most common way of WebRTC development, based on our experience.

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Javascript WebRTC Development

As we previously mentioned, WebRTC is a complex topic with multiple ways of its realization. With the following primary JavaScript APIs you can establish connections, communication and data transfer within your application:

RTCPeerConnection — allows the creation and navigation of peer-to-peer connections;

RTCSessionDescription — describes the end of the connection and the configuration of it;

navigator.getUserMdeia — allows video and audio capturing;

WebRTC Backend Development with Node.js

It is obvious, that in order to make a remote connection between the devices you will require a server to be running on some technology. We highly recommend choosing Node.js as it built for real-time communication video conferencing applications.

With Node.js you can develop two-way connection applications with data exchange availability. Also, you should consider WebSockets, to allow communication sessions between the client and server-side of your video chat app.

With Node.js you can assure stable and high-level throughput as well as the overall great performance for your WebRTC application development project.

How to validate your WebRTC app development idea?

If you want to check whether your particular video chat application development idea will be profitable and hit the market, we suggest analysing the market and validating the key features that will make your application stand out.

Any business idea for software development starts with a problem which can be solved by the final product. You should define a problem and determine how your WebRTC-based app will become a solution to it.

How to build WebRTC application?

Regarding its open-source basis, WebRTC is allowed for commercial use. There are already a lot of big projects on the web which are based on WebRTC technology.

To build a WebRTC application, you will need to establish a front-end and back-end development teams working on both sides of the app.

Also, despite the source code of WebRTC technology being completely free, you will still need to manage the development activities to produce a successful application.

Like any other technology out there, WebRTC has its advantages and disadvantages, that you must be aware of before making any plans on WebRTC-based development product or service.

Let’s sum it up

Whether you will go with an in-house team of specialist, experienced outsourced WebRTC development team or you will develop it by yourself, you need to have a basic understanding of how the WebRTC technology works and the goals of your specific video chat application.

With WebRTC API-based JavaScript libraries you can add video conferencing availability into any of your projects within a short amount of time and minimum efforts.

If you want to build a stable WebRTC app, you will need to host servers and establish back-end development on your project. By hosting dedicated servers you will be able to create large conventions with a big amount of users in real-time.

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