How to Find a Development Team for Your Startup?

Choosing a development team for a startup is always about responsibility and material risks. No matter what industry you work in, it is important to manage your software development budget wisely. Working with a dedicated team is significantly more profitable and comfortable than saving money on development.

Many offers are on the market, and you don’t always have time to dive into the industry. So, what characteristics should you consider when finding a competent and responsible development team for a startup? Many factors affect the choice of a development team for a startup, from the obvious combination of service cost and deadlines to the cases in the portfolio.

For 17 years on the market, our OS-System team has been used to answering questions about startup development, from simple to real challenges. We consult startups regularly, helping them decide what to do, how, for what budget, and when. In this article, we will discuss how to find a development team for your startup.

What problems arise when you fail to select a reliable team for startup development?

Failing to select a reliable team for startup development can lead to a multitude of problems, including:

  1. Poor quality work. If team members lack the necessary skills, experience, or commitment, it can lead to delays, rework, and even a product that fails to meet expectations.
  2. Missed deadlines. Unreliable development teams may not adhere to deadlines, causing delays in the development process. This can hinder the startup’s ability to launch its product or service on time, potentially missing out on market opportunities.
  3. Damage to reputation. Poor performance or failure to deliver on promises can damage the startup’s reputation, making it difficult to attract customers, partners, and top talent in the future. Negative word-of-mouth can spread quickly and have long-lasting consequences.
  4. Legal and compliance risks. Incomplete or inadequate development processes can lead to legal and compliance risks, such as intellectual property disputes, data breaches, or failure to meet regulatory requirements. These risks can result in costly lawsuits, fines, or damage to the startup’s reputation.
  5. Stagnation and failure. Ultimately, the accumulation of these problems can lead to the startup’s stagnation or failure. The startup may struggle to survive in a competitive market without a reliable team capable of executing the vision and delivering results.

To mitigate these risks, startup founders must carefully vet and select a development team with the necessary skills, experience, and commitment to drive the company’s success.

What should you pay attention to when searching for a development team for your startup?

Development team qualifications determine the work culture, the pace of work, and finding solutions at every stage of startup development. We have compiled a list of characteristics by which you can understand that a development team is suited for startup development.

Case studies of big brands and a large portfolio

This shows that a development team doesn’t need to learn during your startup development. They have already performed tasks within the scope of this direction.

Average experience of developers

An experienced team usually has many senior and middle specialists. They have been developing IT products for at least 3 years, but rather for at least 5–7 years. In our OS-System team, our developers’ average experience is 10 years.

Technology stack

An experienced development team monitors the completeness of the technology stack and updates it according to the market demands. It has no limitations in product development and digitalization of the business. For example, we at OS-System are currently working with AI: LLM and NLP technologies. We realize that their demand is growing, and we are adding staff.

Depending on the company’s profile (web or mobile), the technology stack should include in-demand programming languages, databases, and frameworks. If the company focuses on mobile development, the team should provide not only native app development but also cross-platform development like Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native. If the company is developing CMS solutions, employees perform tasks in WordPress, Mod X, Tilda, etc.

Industry expertise of developers

Find out if the development team has strong case studies in your niche. OS-System’s portfolio includes many real estate, healthcare, education, and automotive market case studies. We can boast accumulated specialization and more experience in these areas than many other development teams.

Skills in working with both business and government

This is not a prerequisite, but it indicates its expertise if a development team can build relationships with commercial companies and the public sector. Working with government agencies requires professional preparation of documents, compliance with the rules of participation in tenders, compliance with strict requirements for storage and processing of personal data, and often ensuring complete confidentiality of work. Not everyone can do this.

Willingness to ensure a smooth startup transfer to you

An experienced development team will not only develop a startup for you but also train your team if necessary and gradually hand it over to you. It will build the project’s infrastructure and put the right processes in place. At OS-System, we are always ready to help with this, understanding the importance of proper startup development.

Willingness to start a project quickly and offer a dedicated team for the long-term

Awesome IT companies can afford to provide a dedicated development team for your startup, prepare documents, and launch processes quickly. This is comfortable and beneficial because you can control the whole team and manage its work.

We at OS-System did not immediately acquire a huge team. Now, with 50+ developers on our staff, we can easily assign a large dedicated team to any project. Our experience allows us to effectively coordinate huge projects and not move employees from project to project, which has a favorable impact on the dynamics and timelines of the work.

Look for a dedicated team for your startup development? We at OS-System can help!

OS-System – experienced IT partner for startup development

The company’s long experience in the market and voluminous portfolio say that it has a lot of successfully realized projects under its belt. This is direct evidence that the team fulfills its obligations.

If you are looking for a dedicated development team for your startup idea, we can help you! We are a Ukrainian development team consisting of diverse tech experts. Our expertise can assist you in education, medicine and biotechnology, mobile development, and custom software development. We take on startup ideas of any complexity.

By the way, we at OS-System sometimes joke that we have made all the mistakes we can make in 17 years on the market. If you need an IT partner, we are your best choice!

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