7 Famous Companies that Pump Business Using Mobile Applications

In this article, you can see the success stories of a few of the most renowned brands to see their secrets of compelling rivalry with over 1.5M other applications.

This is a growing universe of possibilities for different types of businesses, small and large businesses. Custom mobile apps for business are of extraordinary interest for businesses. A variety of programs, organizations, and businesses brought such attractive apps, which are only one click on the “Install now” button for installing. However, it’s insufficient to create and dispatch a marked application to build up your deals and client relations.

Mobile app Business Opportunity

According to the study, in 2015, thirty-four percent of advertisers plan to launch at least one app in this year. However, before sending the application, brands need to have a good system that can bring and compel people to download the app, to make their products more attractive in the long-term development, and interaction with the customers.

Many of the enterprise systems give rise to more than $ 25 billion in revenue per year. Having a mobile app turns out to be one of the significant advantages of your business. But does your application have the ability to turn into a ruler in the commercial center?

Making and growing a business application is not sufficient for your brand. Although the changes appear perpetual, many business people have not been lucky to make a successful mobile application. The best companies have some common causes. Now, we will discuss the benefits of mobile apps for business.

Advantages of Mobile Apps for Business

There are many advantages of having a mobile app for your business. Here we will discuss a few reasons why does your business need a mobile application:

  • Have a look at versatility for communications with clients. You need to keep in mind the user experience, it’s about them, not just in your dreams, or in an individual case. Business applications, make it energetic and accurate.
  •  An application ought to genuinely expand a brand. Creating a mobile app that stays in the relationships within the organization is the most important thing to achieve your marketing and PROMOTIONAL goals.
  • It all helps companies to ensure care about their customers and their concerns, to expand it apps business opportunity and capability. Discover an execution plan of the mobile app, which is going to help in handling the challenges your customers are facing. Yet, let them solve and their problems straightforwardly and easily.
  • Monitor how your clients utilize their mobiles and coordinate your applications into their use. It shows the abilities of your apps work on individuals’ lives.
  • Aside from the usefulness, if you want your mobile app to be effective one there should be a significant segment in it. Gifts, vouchers, discounts on products, or share essential and creative stories should be your ultimate goal to make your app effective.
  • With the option to look for items, make and track orders from their rooms. Clients additionally utilize these mobile apps to have quicker and more educated buying options. This pattern is evident from a study that shows that it is the more significant part of the mobile app. Clients depend on these apps to meet their shopping needs.

7 Successful Companies that Leverage the Business Opportunity of Mobile Apps

1. L’Oreal

L'Oreal logo

L’Oreal developed a reality makeup application that is a genius of its kind. It utilizes progressed facial mapping through the phone camera. The application’s groundbreaking innovation makes the cell phone turn into a mirror that virtually gives you an idea about how the products will look. The app checks face and permits to apply the cosmetics. It takes a stab at direct items and some selected looks by the specialists at L’Oreal, all through your gadget’s viewfinder. They have likewise made the option of social network sharing ready.

Results: In France, China, and the US alone, over 10 Million users downloaded the L’Oreal application. This year, only in the Australian subcontinent L’Oréal is anticipating 500k downloads. The company has again demonstrated itself as a genuine technology in the present magnificence industry. Their application has proved itself as the game-changer in such a saturated cosmetics market.

2. Ikea

ikea logo

Ikea is a Home Planner equipped with Augmented Reality in their advanced application. Using their application, one can snap a picture of some spot in their home and basically ‘Install’ the Ikea app to perceive how it goes with their place. That positively creates interest and enables the buyer to choose easily at their nearby furniture store. By choosing a household item by checking any section of a printed inventory, one can put it on the floor to show up as a 3D view of the furniture item. This way, you can best plan your household furniture without much stress. The Ikea application helped millions of their customers throughout the world. That shows how important does your business needs a user-friendly application.

IKEA Foundation AR - app screenshots

Results: The app has impressively improved and smoothed out clients’ dynamic and buying patterns. According to a report, the Ikea application has almost 8.5 million users worldwide.

3. Under Armour

Under Armour - red white logo

Under Armour, Inc. is an American-based clothing and activewear organization running throughout the world. The company has discovered progress by maintaining its concentration in the mobile space and producing effective business policies. The organization has broadened its scope by giving its customers complete well-being and a convenient experience. In November of 2013, Under Armor burned through $150M on the practice application MapMyFitness.

Under Armour Applications

In February 2021, they invested $475 million in calorie-count application MyFitnessPal. The company has also paid $85 million for Endomondo (A European application related to healthcare). The company is ready to assemble significant brand support by investing in wellness and fitness applications. Their organization has realized the importance of mobile app business opportunity in a true sense.

Results: Under Armour, as a health brand, has adjusted itself to the most recent wellness apps and has built a network for social sharing. The brand gets about more than 100k new clients through each of their wellness apps every day. Expanded deals, brand mindfulness, customer commitment, and support are a few things they focus on – what else do anyone require?

4. Starbucks

Starbucks logo photo

The Starbucks app started to become operational in 2009, which permits clients to find nearby cafés, find out about sorts, types, and espresso drinks. The app also lets you suggest your kind of beverages to Starbucks. After two years, Starbucks expanded its digital presence through Card Mobile Application for their clients’ cell phones. The application permits clients to pay digitally (using their phones) for in-store buys. At present, the application works about 1 out of 5 of all loyalty card transactions.

Starbucks app screenshots

Back in 2012, the company coordinated its applications with a digital (phone) payment method and Apple’s passbook called Square. They did so to make iPhones show the loyalty card information. The extraordinary usefulness and speed of mobile applications are much greater than the mobile web browsers.

Results: After such an imaginative and reasonable approach to the mobile system, in 2013, Starbucks previously had $621 million resources on that platform. In 2014, Starbucks made $146 million, 8 % of their income from interest alone. Furthermore, they decreased the transaction costs altogether.

5. McDonald’s

McDonald's logo photo

McDonald’s has a mobile app and Instagram (the most famous photograph and video sharing app on the planet). They are making sure to collaborate with clients in another way and publicize their somewhat ignored items. Back in March of 2013, the organization ran an advancement urging clients to take photos of their number one suppers utilizing the mobile application. They then, at that point, made a mobile promotion requesting that clients “Offer Your Biggest Instagram Moments.” If clients extended the advertisement, they could share photos of their food and even view a display of other photographs.

McDonald's app screenshots

McDonald’s is certainly not an alien to mobile advertising. McDonald’s has made many such marketing efforts with various business objectives in the past. 

Results: McDonald’s additionally ran its 6th iAd drive, which advanced its products while using the gadget’s abilities to offer a more natural experience. Expanding McDonald’s Instagram reach was a significant achievement since it carried new thoughtfulness regarding more established items. It additionally reinforced a massive load of client-created content, which will, in general, be more potent on clients. 

6. Volkswagen

Volkswagen blue logo

With Volkswagen’s SmileDrive app, clients can make shareable travelogs that incorporate travel details, for example, miles covered, climate, time spent; photographs; and notes. The application can be connected with any vehicle using Bluetooth (indeed, Fiats and Ferraris) and runs behind the scenes during the drive. When the wheels have halted, and the start has been turned off, it utilizes factors like area, distance, time, and climate to convey clients their Smile Score and grants them stickers. Consider those remarks as Foursquare reviews for the driver. 

Results: SmileDrive application allows you to catch crucial moments and share your experiences with other users. The SmileDrive app brings great features for Volkswagen fans.

7. Nivea

Nivea logo

Nivea Sun Kids developed a mobile application and a magazine insert that allows parents to know about their kids. “The Protection Ad” campaign also held a bracelet injected in magazines connected with a mobile app to let you know about every move of your child. Natural and instructional, it tracked the movement when it was on the youngster’s arm. Everything you needed to do was download the app (from App Store or Google Play), pair the wristband, track the kid and pick the distance where they could go.

If the length was surpassed, an alarm was sent by the application. With radar, it was feasible to check whether parents were getting closer or further from kids. It was a splendid idea that featured Nivea’s marketing values with a worth-added performance.

Results: Nivea’s Sun Kids brand delighted in a 62% expansion in deals in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil was their objective area) and, out of the blue, accomplished top deals in its area. The organization gets demands for the wristband right up ’til today. Nivea got Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2014, demonstrating the extraordinary proficiency of portable apps-based drives.

Why your Business Needs a Mobile App

  • Sales development

With improvement, discounts, and reward pop-up messages, you can persuade clients to buy from you. You can straightforwardly contact every one of the clients who have opened your app. For instance, an organization can send an extraordinary proposal to clients who are close to their store or office. 

  • Company building

You can build up associations with your clients regardless of where they are. An individual doesn’t have to recall your web address since the app is introduced on their gadget. Contingent upon the usefulness, one can even utilize it without the Internet. 

  • Advertising and communication channels

Mobile apps can effectively stand out to the brand through different promoting efforts. In such a manner, you grow the possible crowd of clients and foster relationships with them. 

  • Business measures optimization

You can make an app for the representatives’ interactions inside the group. You can use it to observe and deal with any cycles, send and receive documents, and keep track of statistics, for instance. Mobile apps can be utilized for the computerization of numerous business errands. 

  • Client Loyalty Development

By empowering clients to book a table, request food, or pay utilizing the app on their cell phone, the business gets a fantastic asset. Incorporate faithfulness programs into the mobile app and offer generous promotions or rewards to clients. 

  • A Source of Important Analytics

Using a mobile app, you can gather a great deal of valuable data for additional examination. For example, you can realize which items your clients purchase the most or how long they spend time on the app. 

  • Competitive Advantage

If you figure out how to begin utilizing mobile apps as a promoting and deals apparatus, you can strengthen your position. It is essential to pursue as many open doors as you can to grow your brand in the present world.

Final Thoughts

           With more mobile phones than individuals on the planet, envision how extensively the apps business opportunity increases. Several apps you have on your mobile gadget for each circumstance fulfil various requirements for multimillion clients. Current businesses can not ignore the advantage of the mobile system. For organizations, apps can keep your clients associated with your image, help your business stay coordinated, and, what is more significant, assist your business with getting famous.

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