How much does it cost to create a web application from scratch?

Today we want to cover some of the most popular approaches to web development. Whether you are a startup owner or enterprise CEO, this article will help you to get an insight into how to calculate web application development for your particular business. 

First of all, there is no exact number for the budget of every web app development idea. The industry of web and software development does not work like that and the final cost for your particular project will be individual for you. Because every client has unique requirements it is impossible to predict how to make an app by the unified template. However, in this article, we will still give you an idea of what are the main cost-forming factors and how you can evaluate the approximate budget for your web application development project.

What a web application is?

At first, let’s identify what do we mean by web application development. Web app development is a creative process of application programs that working within the browsers and are delivered to the users via the internet. Web applications are sometimes contrasted with native apps and hybrid apps.

Now that we’ve clarified the idea behind the web apps, let’s talk switch back to the main topic of the web app development budget.

Web application development with JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and one of the best quality-rate ratio solutions for web application development on the market. JavaScript is the best solution whether you go for a healthcare web platform or eCommerce web site. The average salary for JavaScript software developers is lower compared to the other most popular programming languages, which is one of the biggest cost-forming factors in the software development industry in general.  So, now that you know what technology is the core for web app development, discover some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks’ pros and cons

Web app development: in-house or outsourced?

Thinking about pros and cons of creating web-application

Oftentimes, there are two main choices for the entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting the development of their web product or service: to outsource the development process to another country or hire an in-house team of web developers. Of course, there is always a third option of hiring a freelancer for the development services. However, if you are going to develop a complex product that will require all the processes to be well-established we do not recommend freelance developers.

Hiring an in-house team: pros and cons

Hiring an in-house team of developers is the most obvious option that comes into mind. It is easier to manage a team of professionals who are located and managed by your company. However, with the average salary of the developers in US and Europe and the additional cost for the workplace arrangement is the most expensive option for the business entrepreneurs, especially if your web application idea is a startup project and you have a lot of other important things to invest your budget to guarantee the success of the company.

To put it simply, in-house teams work great for big companies and enterprises, where internal communication between departments is essential. But if your budget is limited, that is not the best option for you.

Outsourced web application development

Outsourcing is a go-to solution for SMB and startup entrepreneurs. You can save greatly on the hiring process and budget while getting the high quality of the final product. Of course, there are always certain risks for outsourcing, unless you know how to avoid them and how to find the most reliable outsourced contractor for your particular business. 

Choosing the right engagement model for web app development

When planning the development of a web application, it is important to define the most suitable engagement model for your business. Mainly, there are two top engagement models: Fixed Price and Time & Materials.

A fixed price is an option for small projects with the defined requirements that are not possible to be changed. If you want to have a flexible development flow, you should consider choosing time & material. Time & Materials engagement model is a better solution when the quality of the final product is the main priority and you have enough resources to maintain it.


Web application development cost: how to estimate?

The only way to determine the final cost for your web app development project is to get in contact with a development company that will provide you with an exact number. However, there is a certain way of how you can calculate it yourself. To calculate the cost of your product or service development you need to define the following aspects:

  1. Who is your team? Evaluate what kind of services you will require to get your product to the final look. Except for the development services, you might require UI/UX design, business analysis, project management, quality assurance services, etc.
  2. Based on your required team, determine the optimal rates depending on the budget. The cost of the services may vary on the contractor, so you need to have one or several development partners in mind to evaluate the price of the required services.

Approximate cost for web application development

The first and simplest solution to start your product from a landing page, which is usually an MVP for the most web application on the earliest stage of development. This mage will mainly consist of the list of services, sign-ups form, and general information about the product or service. Generally, the price for such services may vary from $2 000 to $ 10 000.

If you want to develop a SaaS platform the rough and approximate estimation is harder to give because the final price strongly depends on the required functionality of the app. SaaS platform development from scratch may vary between $35 000 for an MVP version and around $100 000 for a full-featured application.

For ERP systems, the main estimation approach is similar to SaaS platforms. The final fixed price for the product development highly depends on the evaluated required features to be implemented and the scope of work in general. A minimum viable product for an ERP may cost around $20 000. When the question comes to a fully-functional ERP system. there is no upper limit for the development services price and it can even go beyond millions of dollars. However, for the medium-sized company, the general price tag starts from around $80 000.

The last, but not least question about application development on the web is the price for the development of a marketplace. All of the marketplaces mostly have similar functionality and the cost for such a product will be between $30 000 for an MVP and $120 000 for the full version.


There are a lot of factors the can hugely affect the final price of the web application idea for your business. The clearest decision on the budget evaluation for the development services is to get in touch with a software development company.


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