Top 9 Trends in Mobile Development 2021

All over the world, a great number of business projects are turning to mobile development. To expand their capabilities in the provision of services. But user requests also do not stand still, which sets the course for the development of trends and technologies.

Small and medium businesses gain an advantage over technology leaders. Companies are better able to use the latest tools and technologies to serve their customers. Implementation of Mobile UI / UX as a development component brings the trends in mobile application development to a new level.

According to Statista, mobile apps could generate more than $ 227 billion in revenue in the upcoming years.

Most developers claim that the mobile app industry is developing at a rapid pace, and the numbers are not going to decline.

If you are about expanding your business opportunities with a mobile app, you should know the trends in mobile development. That’s what we will discuss now.

Top 9 Mobile Development Trends That Gonna Skyrocket in 2021

1.Machine learning & Al

machine learning & AI

AI introduction to the online platform helps entrepreneurs find out the preferences of the users, to identify problem places of business, and optimize the company’s operations.

Major tech companies are set to ramp up funding for this vector to $ 98 billion by 2023

Covid-19 only contributed, or even one might say forced many enterprises to start using AI in production. Because the virus has a direct impact on the performance of companies and changing social trends. In this case, artificial intelligence helps you analyze the situation and to automate routine tasks.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) in Mobile App Development

Technology that we increasingly notice in our daily life. The collaboration of devices in real-time, home automation, and control from the screen of a mobile phone. These are functions that are becoming more and more in demand by modern users.

Shortly, the internet of things will become the most obvious strategic direction for mobile app developers.

It is not just about a smart teapot. The IoT also influenced the development of agriculture, retail, research, and various industries. Smart devices are becoming truly smart. The power of machine learning is growing and devices are gaining the ability to recognize patterns and look for dependencies.

3.Design approach

Mobile App Design | OSsystem

Not the last place nowadays is occupied by application design. User tastes are changing, along with this, there is a need to modernize and redesign already stagnant motives. We can say that during the selection of an application, its appearance plays almost the most important role for the client.

Over the past year, for obvious reasons, our habits have changed a lot. The ways we communicate, consume, and pay for purchases are different. It is more and more difficult to keep the attention of users, so developers think over the smallest details of the application. This is expressed in microinteractions.

Microinteractions that drive user engagement are becoming more common. Any, even small movement leads to a reaction of the application. Which makes the user experience richer and increases the functionality of the interface.

Accessibility design makes the application easier to use. Making it not only more accessible for people with disabilities, but also making it more convenient for the entire range of users. Voice typing, machine voice acting and all user interaction with the application must be well-developed.

4. Wearable Devices

Examples of wearable devices for mobile applications

Wearable devices began their development process years ago. They have outgrown a huge number of changes, and only now we are starting to notice their real benefits and convenience. Pay attention to the wrists of athletes, businessmen, almost all of them have fitness bracelets or smartwatches. Health monitoring and constant contact with the electronic world are gaining momentum more and more. Some insurance companies have even begun to discuss the possibility of special policies. More favourable prices for those clients who will agree to monitor their health using special trackers.

According to Statista research, IoT and wearables are a gold mine for developers, and they will grow more and more in upcoming years. More than a billion connected devices are predicted by 2022.

5. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a simplified version of web layout, it is lighter, easier to read, and does not spend a lot of mobile resources. According to statistics, users are more likely to surf sites from mobile devices.

Business owners have to adapt to the requirements of customers. And are increasingly switching to this structure, for a better target of the above. Also, the Google search engine is more friendly to such pages.

6. Cloud-Based Android Apps

Cloud-Based Android Apps

Storage on a mobile phone is not rubber. Applications are more and more demanding, the size of uploaded files is increasing, as is the activity of users. As a consequence, most developers are increasingly turning to the use of cloud storage. This greatly simplifies data manipulation and attracts users to a large extent.

Also, cloud applications will find their way of use not only by ordinary users but also by commercial ones. Corporations both from the point of view of safety and resource conservation, more appropriate to refer to such methods. Also to cut the need for constant updating of hardware. Apps will be able to provide centralized management of devices, to control each item passing through the network.

7.Gesture-Based Navigation

Gesture-Based Navigation in Mobile App Development

With each new generation, smartphones are becoming more convenient to use, and also more compact. Many models have long abandoned navigation buttons. The screen size is constantly increasing, and even from a physical point of view, this makes the buttons useless. Accordingly, shortly, will become more popular applications that are designed with gestural navigation.

8. Super apps

Super Apps - new trend in mobile development

The average user in Europe and America uses about 6-8 applications regularly for various purposes. On the other hand, in China, a user can get by with WeChat alone. Services from a taxi and food delivery to banking and medical services are combined in one application. In the current conditions, the creation of such an ecosystem is becoming more and more in demand. Super apps offer service collaboration, personalization, and partnerships. Companies get a complete picture of the portrait of the buyer and know better what he needs.

9. 5G

5G illustration

This novelty has long been heard by the whole world. It is a technological breakthrough that can change our understanding of file-sharing processes. Which directly affects a large number of areas. Car autopilots, virtual reality, remote surgery.

The development of the robots Da Vinci is underway. That allows to carry out the most complex surgical operations without requiring the direct presence of a doctor. Before, such events were not possible due to delays caused by the 4G connection. With the introduction of 5G, data transmission latency will decrease from 20 milliseconds to 1 millisecond.

It makes sense to equip more cars with autopilots, at least for safety reasons. With the development of connection quality, cars will be able to recognize each other on the road. This will significantly increase road safety.

It is difficult even to imagine how this will affect the development of mobile applications. This is unlimited freedom of action. We can only say one thing. The functionality, and usefulness of applications will receive a powerful impetus in the foreseeable future.

The user experience will become more advanced, advanced features, effective user interface. 5G will also have a huge impact on the gaming and entertainment industries. Resource-intensive applications will no longer require powerful devices to use them. With the use of new technology it will be possible to move data processing processes to the cloud.


We live in an era of change! Perhaps, waking up tomorrow morning, we will not recognize the digital world. Every day produces new trends and technologies. Today we have listed the most promising trends in the mobile app industry, but who knows what will see the light of day tomorrow?

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Perhaps the new trend of 2021 is your idea? 🙂

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