How to Create a Cloud-Based Application

It is obvious that new applications are starting to target cloud environments as an option more and more. However, it may be challenging for some of the project managers to assume whether their applications are well-suited for the cloud or not. In this post, we want to describe how to create a successful cloud-based application and let your app effectively operate in the cloud.

Cloud development offers lots of great opportunities when it comes down to web or software development. To easily leverage new environments, test and design applications, the developers should follow the best practices and understand the infrastructure of cloud solutions.

As it is still a relatively new trend in the software development market, some of the product managers or product owners questioning themself whether their traditional application architecture will be suitable for cloud development. The simple answer to this question is no, it will not.

Top 10 most popular cloud-based applications

Traditional software will not operate effectively in the cloud environment until it will be precisely modified by an experienced cloud development team.

Still, there are tips on getting a top-notch cloud application. We believe that the following suggestions will let you in getting a better understanding of how to go about designing and building a perfect cloud app for both private or public clouds.

We have gathered the most important recommendations to take into an account when making a cloud-ready application and the architecture concepts you should be aware of while building it.

Best Tips on How to Create a Successful Cloud-Based Application

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1. Get a perfect understanding of the infrastructure

The first and the most important key to the successful development of a cloud-based application is a clear understanding of cloud infrastructure. 

Cloud applications are best deployed as a combination of cloud services or API collected into one effective build. You can combine different services into a perfect operating infrastructure of your cloud-based application if you have a deep understanding of the cloud infrastructure.

When developing a cloud-based application, you must perfectly understand how the processes should work and follow one another as complex distributed systems in the architecture of your software.

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2. Design for scaling to prevent failing

The best way to prevent the failure of your cloud-based web or software application is to consider all the risks and understand the possible future needs of it. This includes the possible scaling of your app in the future as well.

Rather than expecting failure as a surprise on the project you must evaluate all the potential risks for your project and prevent the fails by designing applications in the most failure-preventable way. Make sure to distribute the data of your app between the serves and make mirrors of databases so the risk of the application being taken down will be minimized.

3. Establish great communication logic between components

You can’t just simply decouple the data and services to build a proper architecture for your cloud-based application. You need to establish great communication and the logic of it between the components within your app.

Constantly communicating components will decrease the overall performance. To achieve success with your cloud-based project, you need to focus on optimized communication between the components of your app.

For example, combine communications into a single stream of data or a group of messages, rather than constantly communicating as if the application components reside on a single platform.

4. Assure the high level of security

Typically, for some of the entrepreneurs, product owners or chief executives, the security of their application may be an afterthought. In order to achieve success with your cloud app, you need to make the application’s security systemic as well as greatly designed and built into the architecture.

Pick an approach to your’s application security, based on the specific needs of your project. For example, for Healthcare development, in order to be licensed in the US, you will be required to design the security of your app accordingly to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Generally, cloud-based application’s security needs are based on the particular need of the business.

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Building a cloud-ready application requires paying attention to such things that could be previously out of focus in the development of traditional apps. Whether you are planning to build a web, mobile or desktop software, to successfully build a cloud-based application, you must get a clear understanding of the approaches that are required for the cloud development.

OS-System’s cloud development solutions will help you to assure scalability and high load of your product or services. Our dedicated development teams help companies around the globe to build modern applications based on cloud services. Whether you are a startup, SMB or enterprise company, we can provide you with a high-quality cloud solution that will fit your particular business.

We support businesses with robust cloud applications and taking them to the next level. Our technical expertise is backed up by solid experience from complex cloud. Our strong cloud expertise will help you implement cloud services whether you are planning to launch a new product or empower the already existing one.

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