How Custom Software Solutions Can Save Your Business During The Crisis

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has made millions of people go into isolation. Many businesses all over the world are already experiencing the effect of the coronavirus impact on the global economy. For most of the companies, this led to cut budgets, stopped projects, staff reduction, etc. However, when the ones see only the pessimistic forecasts, the others may see a field for previously unseen opportunities.

With the global coronavirus pandemic, almost every industry has experienced its effect in some way. Accordingly to the USA Today report, the heaviest effect was experienced by travel, entertainment, shipping and restaurant industries. Still, as the pandemic is still on the horizon and a sharp rise in the numbers of COVID-19 cases is yet to be experienced, the list of industries is constantly expanding.

Global COVID-19 impact on business

Almost every industry is experiencing negative effects as a result of a worldwide coronavirus situation. The one kind of companies, who almost did not experience any negative outcomes is those who worked and continue to work online during the pandemic, such as internet services providers and online retail companies, for example.

However, there is always room for opportunities in every crisis. Today we want to briefly discuss what types of custom software solutions could help you in boosting, optimizing or even saving your business in 2020.

There is no time to waste. While you are still reading this article and thinking about the problems, your competitors might working on the solutions.

Despite, custom web or software development solutions being commonly designed to fulfil the specific needs of a business or obtain a certain competitive advantage, we want to describe the possible ways for many businesses to benefit from such advanced solutions.

1. Custom Development Solutions

Let’s start with the product development itself. Custom web or software development solutions can help you to either digitally transform or improve your business in different ways, such as automatisation, refinement or optimization of the processes within your company, as well as the implementation of new features and possibilities for the business. 

Custom development can also successfully work for the development of custom corporative real-time communication tools, business operations management tools, etc.

custom software development success

With the investment in custom software development, you can gain a competitive advantage among the competitors in your industry and get a great ROI, even in the post-crisis time.

However, to consider custom software development solution as an option for your business, you must perfectly understand how it can be benefitful for you and how it can be valuable for your customers.

Either you will plan to develop web or software project for your business, you should carefully identify all the aspects before starting the project.

Want to start a project but do not know where to start? Check out our latest article: What is a Discovery Phase in Software Development and When Do You Need It

2. Cloud-based Solutions

Remote business control has turned up as a problem for many already existing businesses with software products all over the globe. An unfailing way to organize the workflow remotely is cloud migration. Also, despite rising the overall productiveness it may save you operational costs.

Moving your workload to the cloud will help you to optimize the operating costs of your project. There are already such big names on the market, who operate through cloud solutions such as Netflix and Pinterest.

At OS-System we provide our clients all over the world with top-notch cloud solutions. If you are looking for a free quote on cloud-based development — we are always up for a challenge!

3. Artificial Intelligence Integration

Artificial intelligence is being already widely spread all over the different industry and used in different types of business applications, including such kinds of applications as automation, data analytics, and natural language processing apps.

The main field of AI in terms of business applications is usually streamlining operations and improving efficiencies.

AI automation alleviates repetitive or even dangerous tasks on the projects. Data analytics can provide businesses with valuable insights which could never be done before. Natural language processing creates a field for intelligent and adaptive search engines, helpful chatbots, and additional features for applications with the main audience of visually impaired people.

AI development for business

Along with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence has the potential to make a huge impact on the global economy, but its exact impact remains to be seen.

4. Internet of Things Solutions

The internet of things is a concept that refers to all internet-connected devices that utilize single access to the internet remotely.

With such solutions, you can accelerate your operations, monitor the data, manage the inventory and boost the overall productivity of your company by connecting your devices throughout the development of the custom IoT solution.

With IoT in place, many processes will be optimized to work faster. Interconnected devices can have the inclusion of everything from portable devices to complex systems.

At OS-System, we accumulated extensive experience with Internet of Things solutions and services. Our embedded software development team create IoT systems that boost operational efficiency and cut costs across a wide range of industries. We cooperate with companies from all over the globe supporting their data-driven optimizations and digital transformations.

OS-System IoT expertise

5. Additional IT Resources & Development Partners

If you used to have onsite development resources before the global coronavirus pandemic, it can be the right time for you to consider offshore software development engineers acquisition. Remote staff augmentation can reduce the cost of your development activities and provide you with equivalent skillset if choosing the right partner.

By cooperation with outsourcing companies in terms of development outstaffing, you won’t need to provide your engineers with a workplace and other additional costs.

Besides, the management can be completely outsourced too as most of the outsourcing vendors can provide you with efficient project management services. Outsourced project management can help you in keeping everything on track while focusing on the main business of yours.


The current crisis is surely a big shock to the global economy and business of all sizes. Despite the industry, that you are working in, you should think about custom software solutions for your business.

Now, can be a perfect time to look through your ideas one more time and plan or even start new profitable projects.

Custom software development
 Let’s discuss your project together!

At the OS-System company, we excel at creating modern web applications and top-notch mobile apps. With more than 50 talented in-house professionals and 13 years of experience in the IT industry, we successfully serve startups, SMB and enterprise clients from all over the globe.

Whether you are planning to build an innovative web or software development product, we can help you transform your businesses digitally by providing expert engineering and consultancy services.

We have shaped our tech knowledge through continuous hands-on experience in planning, managing and carrying out complex enterprise application development, integration and support projects.

Our team is ready to take responsibility for both the quality, budget, and timeliness of the product delivery. Our customer’s satisfaction and achievements are the ultimate indications of our own success.

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