How to choose the right partner in IT outsourcing?

Software development services market grows rapidly. This is is why it has become a much more difficult task to find a right partner in outsourced software development industry, especially for non-technical startup and business entrepreneurs. This article will help you to define if your potential contractor is a right choice for you offshore development project.

When it comes to IT outsourcing field, there’s always a lot of opportunities to choose from. That’s why finding reliable partner is a difficult task these days. Taking a first steps into software development outsourcing industry may be time-consuming, but it sure does rewards you with a benefits when you manage to establish a successful outsourced development workflow. As an experienced offshore software development agency, we want to recommend you some key points that you should rely on while choosing a software development team for your project. 

Check for proven development history

The first step in clarifying the potential offshore software development contractor is to check for previous working experience. Take some time to do a research about the previous work and the experience in delivering required services from the point of your business needs. Don’t forget to check for the reviews of the software development agency that you’re planning to work with. By checking the reviews, you can find out more about the quality of development services that your partner provides. Online reviews can give you a clean picture of what you can expect from this outsourcing company as its customer in general. You can contact some of your software development company’s previous customers to get more information about such issues as responsibility and turnaround time. Clarifying these aspects will help you to define if your potential partnership with the software development company is worth it or not. This will help you analyze if the particular web or software development agency has the best suite for your needs. As a company with 10+ years of offshore web and software development background, we strongly recommend you to seek for companies with several years of working experience. Experienced companies will be more secure and flexible choice for a long-term outsourced partnership intentions.

Check for capabilities

You should always check for the capabilities of your potential partner. Make your decision depending on how much scalability and customisation support the company is able to provide to your project. This factor can be very important when your software will be needed to expand because of the growth of your business. You always need to think 2 steps ahead of your current needs. That is also why you should consider finding a partner that can provide you a wide range of  services besides the development. It can be such services as process management, graphic design, quality assurance, etc.  

Check for cultural compatibility

It is also important to make sure that you’re culturally compatible with your software development partner in outsourcing. Major incompatibilities in culture can provide a lot of miscommunication in the future. To avoid that, we highly recommend you look for development companies in such countries as Ukraine. Here is an article if you are interested about all the benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine that you can get.

Check for communication 

Ensure that your future communication with the outsourced developers team will be efficient enough to avoid the risks of misunderstanding in software development aspects of your particular project. Before starting any estimations, you should check for the software development company’s availability of communication in the needed time. Ensure, that it’s stable and can be provided via different kinds of services. Remember that the great quality of communication between you and your offshore contractor makes the half of your potential cooperation success. 

We believe that this four major appointments will help you choose the right partner for your web, mobile or software development project. Here, at the OS-System, we’re always provide the best quality of communication and support services. You can always consult about your project by simply filling this form.

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