Flutter Payments: Comparison & Integration Guides for the Most Popular Payment Systems

Among multiple sources of money transfers, you may often hear about PayPal. However, we have various other ways too. Moving forward in the article, you will get to know about the most popular payment systems that you can integrate with Flutter, their features and their pros and cons.

Besides features, you will see which way is more suitable for you economically. By simply integrating the below-mentioned techniques, you can raise your business to the next level.

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Comparison of the Most Popular Payment Services

If you decide to choose the best possible payment service for your flutter application. In the table below you can find the comparison to determine the best choice according to your business requirements.

Google PayApple PayStripePayPalRazorPay
Pros– Simple checkout
– Increased security
– Easy integration
– Well-integrated with iOS
– Easily send money through the Messages app
– Fast integration
– No hidden fees
– Secure Dashboard access
– Easy to use
– Fast transfer
– No direct transfer to the bank without our permission
– Variety of payment methods
– Easy to use and track
Cons– It’s not always acceptable by stores
– With multiple security features, it’s still not 100% secure
– Not usable on Android
– No desktop interface
– No automatic tax support
– Recurring donations tricky to set up
– UI is not very supportive
– User accounts often freeze
– Charge a fee even when you’re receiving money
– Customer service is poor
– E-commerce startups face hardship
PricingNo fee for a debit card.
2.9 % fee for credit cards.
Incur a 3% fee2.9 % fee on the transaction. Plus $0.302.9 % on both debit and credit card.
Plus $0.30
2% for Indian transactions
3 % for international transactions
Comparative table of payment systems that can be integrated into the Flutter application

Which payment system to choose for integration into the Flutter application?

To choose the right payment system for the Flutter app you need to know some important things:
1. App Store requires to use only Apple Pay system. If you integrate another payment service, then your application publishing request in App Store will be rejected.
2. Play Store allows to use other payment systems, but Google Pay is the best choice for publishing your app on Play Market.

Google Pay & Flutter


Google Pay provides various services, including the fastest, most straightforward, and safest money transfer. This can be done to make your transaction easier by eliminating the need for card swiping. You can now view and redo past transactions in your recurring history. You can also split the money with other partners for the sake of sharing.


  • Payment info is secured
  • Easy to use privacy controls
  • You can only pay by phone
  • Money transfer is private (no card swiping)

How to Integrate Google Pay with Flutter

Google Pay flutter integration is a process in which you need to perform some specific steps. The steps are as follows:

  1. Flutter Front-end Side Development
  2. Stripe Payment APIs should be used
  3. For server-side implementation, Firebase will deploy a Cloud Function.

How to Guide (on github)

Apple Pay & Flutter

Apple Pay is easy to use and integrates with the Apple devices you already own. Contactless, secure purchases are possible in stores, apps, and sites. You can also accept payments from friends and family directly from Messages. Apple Pay is a more secure way to pay, and it is much easier to use than a physical credit card.


  • With each sale, card numbers are tokenized.
  • Merchants are never given credit card details.
  • The use of the second factor of authentication improves security.
  • If the device is lost, it can be removed using Apple’s “Find My” concept.

How to Integrate Apple Pay with Flutter

Flutter Apple Pay integration is wholly based on iOS. To complete this process, you will be required to set up Apple Pay requirements. Then enable Apple Pay in the flutter app. The steps are given below:

Step 1: Upload an Apple Pay document to the Square Developer Portal.
Step 2: Initialize and validate Apple Pay support.
Step 3: Use Apple Pay to authorize payment.
Step 4: Obtain the payment authorization outcome.
Step 5: Complete the Apple Pay payment approval process.

Guide: https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_apple_pay

Stripe & Flutter

Stripe is a global payment platform that provides individuals and enterprises to make and receive online payments. Stripe acts as the go-to for buyers and vendors. This service manages all credit card payment matters, comprising data storage security, recurring fees, and deposits.


  • Embeddable Checkout
  • Multicurrency Payouts
  • Dispute Handling
  • Payout Timing
  • Custom UI Toolkit

How to Integrate Stripe with Flutter

To perform flutter stripe integration, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Add the dependencies
Step 2: import
Step 3: Run flutter packages in the root directory of your app
Step 4: Minimum Version Requirement
Step 5: Enable MultiDex
Step 6: Enable Android


PayPal & Flutter

PayPal lets you pay for your favourite products at millions of online stores in the United States and many global markets without having to exchange currencies. Keeping track of how much you spend is as easy as making money. PayPal seems to be the fastest and safest way to regularly pay all of your monthly bills and subscriptions.


  • Forget your wallet, don’t worry, pay with a password
  • Easy to link multiple payment methods
  • Pick rewards by linking your credit card

How to Integrate PayPal with Flutter

For flutter payment integration, you need to perform specific actions. First, you need to make a dart file called PaypalPayment. It contains the WebView widget and Paypal URLs where the payment must be completed. After generating and configuring the two files listed above, you will call the PaypalPayment widget. 

Guide (integration via webview): https://medium.com/flutter-community/paypal-payment-gateway-integration

RazorPay & Flutter

RazorPay is a tech stack tool in the Online Payments industry. It enables online merchants to accept, manage, and disburse digital payments through various payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking, UPI, and prepaid digital wallets. 


  • Instant Activation
  • Easy Integration
  • Dashboard Reporting

How to Integrate RazorPay with Flutter 

To perform RazorPay flutter integration, you need to generate API’s then implement them. The steps are given below:

Step 1: Add dependencies
Step 2: Import
Step 3: Run Flutter packages get
Step 4: Create RazorPay instance
Step 5: Then add events and handlers


Braintree & Flutter

Braintree’s services are primarily marketed to e-commerce vendors, subscription-based firms, and merchants who manually enter all credit card transactions. Braintree’s payment gateway provides nearly automatic PCI Compliance by collecting credit card data from retailer systems and on its secure networks.


  • Mitigate risks and keep payment data secure
  • Drive higher conversion 
  • In-Store Payments

How to integrate Braintree with Flutter

Braintree Payment plugin for Flutter apps helps you integrate flutter payments into 4 simple steps. The steps are:

Step 1: Enable payment support
Step 2: Import the plugin
Step 3: Create an objective for Braintree payment and pass nonce
Step 4: Send that nonce to the server for processing.

Guide: https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_braintree


Flutterwave is a payment technology provider that provides consumers with a seamless and secure transaction experience. They enable instant, secure, and cost-effective disbursements into bank accounts and mobile wallets across Africa through single API integration. Furthermore, their payout services and their platform, Rave, promote payment processing in Africa, the United States, and Europe. 


  • Accept Various Payment Methods.
  • Make payments anywhere you are.
  • Quick and smart checkout

How to integrate Flutterwave with Flutter

Suppose you want to integrate flutterwave; it is a most straightforward process. You don’t need to follow long codes as you can perform this action quite easily. You can use your dashboard. You can pay for Flutterwave products and services on the dashboard, send invoices to your customer, and get paid.

Guide: https://developer.flutterwave.com/docs


When it comes to important and confidential transactions, it is needed to be dealt with care. You must choose wisely between various payment services. Flutter payments efficiently ease your life. We all know that PayPal is generally leading this market. At the same time, you can give other options a view.

For example, if you have Android and mostly using Android devices, you can go to Google Play. All the features and specifications of these methods are discussed above. Select the one that satisfies you and your transaction partners the most.

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