What is Flutter? How does it Work?

Flutter is regarded as one of the most useful, free, flexible, and expressive UI. Google launched Flutter in May 2017. It is a fast and secure development framework for smartphones and other devices. Flutter provides productive services to create fast apps. It has proved to be an open development model.

What is Flutter?

In treating many apps on the devices, a question may arise: what is Flutter? It is an ideal choice for the development of apps for Android as well as iOS. Dart language is used to integrate many features of these devices. The developers can use the single code base in a proper way for the compilation of many platforms. In this Flutter review, we will talk about Flutter and its benefits in a bit of detail.

What is Flutter Technology?

Another question that comes to mind is what is Flutter technology? We know that Flutter is an open-source UI software. Developers can use Flutter technology for iOS and Android apps at the same time. It saves the effort and time it takes to develop a single app for multiple platforms separately. C++ and Dart are the main languages of this application and technology. Flutter technology is mostly used to develop Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android applications.

Benefits of Flutter App

To better understand Flutter benefits and features, the following points are considered:

1. Highly Productive

Flutter is cross-platform. You can use the same base code for both Android and iOS apps. This adaptation can save the time of users.

2. Quick and Simple

One of the best features of Flutter is its fast and frequent response towards changing something. These changes can be related to changes in code on hardware, emulators, and simulators. This change can occur in seconds, and you don’t need to restart it. This is successful not only for bug fixing, but it also contributes a lot in building the UIs without any pause.

There is no need for any specific knowledge or technique for programming documents, and this feature makes it easy to use. A lot of programmers, as well as non-programmers, have designed many flutter apps. This shows that it is so simple to handle.

3. Outstanding Performance

Flutter is known as the only mobile SDK that works without Java Script Bridge. The feature’s adaptation makes it the most reliable and loyal companion among all the other available replacements.

4. Easy to Handle

Flutter provides a platform of easy to handle features that make it more efficient and native among users. If someone is already using Swift, React Native or Java, they can easily differentiate Flutter from them very accurately. Without a bundle of codes, rules, or any strict regulations, Flutter is very easy to handle. This is a real application that the user will enjoy and love while using it.


5. A Good Startup towards MVPs

Flutter app is a good option if you want to deliver products to your investors before time. The following reasons illustrate the importance and use of Flutter while working for MVPs:

  • Flutter is similar to native applications and operates more efficiently compared to others.
  • It is the most affordable and cheaper to develop an application with Flutter on mobile phones. This is because you don’t need formalities to build it separately on two devices, i.e., on iOS and Android. 
  • There is only one developer who needs to produce MVPs.
  • Flutter provides widgets, which are enough to generate a relevant UI for customers.

6. Better Documentation Assembly 

The Flutter is full of treasurers, and it will amaze you at every step if you get closer to it. The app proves it best whenever it stays safe and has good points along with it. Flutter gives a better way to assemble documents safely. For example, if you face any problem with the widgets code, it is always available to answer in a well-defined manner.

What is Dart Language?

Dart language is a programming language for many applications and provides a bunch of platforms. It is created by Google and usually uses to produce servers, desktops, web applications, and many more useful tools used in devices. Dart language has C style syntax. It is a garbage collecting, object-orientated, and class-based language. Hence, it performs many functions at a time.

What is Flutter and Dart?

Again, a question arises: why is Flutter used? And the answer is that Flutter software helps to develop applications smoothly while operating in devices. Dart is a programming language that provides many services and users to code apps like Flutter. The usage of Dart in Flutter makes it more convenient to perform a specific function in the device. It also eases the development process of some applications.

Comparative Working

Many points show the relative amount of work that they both do together. A few of those are as follows:

  • To perform a specific function together, Flutter uses its own high-performance engine. This makes it an excellent native performer. 
  • The engine code, i.e., C/C++, is used with LLVM on iOS and NDK on Android.
  • During compilation, Dart code is AOT compiled.
  • Flutter is composed of widgets. These widgets further consist of Skia Canvas. It sends the event back to its original point.

Platform Provider

Flutter provides a platform in the form of a shell that is specific. The shell consists of Dart VM, which leads to the platform APIs. This shell has an approach towards IMEs, for example, Keyboard, etc.  

Code Along With Engine

The code of engine C and C++ assemble with IOS’s LLVM and Android’s NDK. Dart code is AOT (Ahead-of-Time) and leads into the ARM library. This library can be found in the runner up iOS project/Android and collectively form .ipa and .apk. The library of the Flutter app will be loaded at that moment.

Flutter Framework

Flutter framework provides everything needed to create an app. Flutter is very identical to the other apps that are usually present in Android or iOS. Material is related to Android, and Cupertino is related to iOS. 

Using GPU, the Flatter App updates and upgrades the UI at 60fps. In connection with the Native SDK, the primary widgets are joined with the already written Dart widgets. Flutter app also runs the engine on native principles to contribute widgets on Skia Canvas directly.

Best Development Company for Flutter Apps 

Any company can claim to be the best in Flutter development. We, the OSSystems team, have been developing Flutter applications since its release in 2017. Our main advantage is the transparent development process. We always explain in accessible language what is occurring with your project and at what stage the development of your Flutter application is. With us, you can be sure of what will happen next.

Why Choose OSSystem Development Company?

There are many reasons to choose Flutter under OSSystem Development Company. A few of the most common reasons are as follows:

  • Transparent development process
  • Quick support and assistance.
  • Customized server-side APIs for your mobile
  • Personalized settings are provided
  • SDKs are available
  • Efficient and quick maintenance
  • Have an advancement development strategy for apps
  • UI is attractive and easy to use.


We can conclude that the Flutter app proves itself as a useful application developer. It assists a lot in the field of programming and technology. Flutter app works better than the application of iOS and Android. The programmers, as well as non-programmers, can make such apps.

Dart provides the lowest run rate, and all the developing processes precede in a stable condition. Moreover, it can manipulate all the applications that need advancements for a more immeasurable version. We hope this article or an unbiased review of the Flutter app will be helpful for you.

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