OSSystem presented Utilitium at the international exhibition

We are glad to announce that the OSSystem team has officially presented its own product – Utilitium!

Last week (October 19-21) we took part in the international exhibition “EuroBudExpo-2021” for developers and management companies in the Kyiv IEC, where we presented our solution to a wide audience.

The preparation process took a month and a half. A lot of informational materials were made: banners, presentations, brochures, business cards and even an animated video – everything to show the value of what we do in an accessible way.

Informational materials about utility software

And for good reason! Surprisingly, the exhibitors showed a keen interest in our software, namely in a solution for managing organizations. We have collected several dozen contacts of heads of different companies with whom we are planning close cooperation.

Among the interested were representatives of developers, management and service companies, utility companies, housing offices and even construction consulting. We were pleased with such excitement, it is nice to see how the real estate market is confidently moving towards improving the quality of services at all stages of interaction with clients.

Demonstration of Utilitium

We are very pleased that our mission “to make real estate and utility management simple and understandable for everyone” resonates with the current needs of the market. The main purpose of the application Utilitium: increase the level of comfort for residents of housing estates, cottage settlements and cities through the competent use of digital technologies.

We are constantly analyzing the real estate market in order to find out what the needs of the end-users of our application are, namely, we conduct surveys of city residents and operators of utility companies.

Here are the pressing issues raised by focus group participants:

  1. Make it so that meter readings (light, water, gas, etc.) can be transferred in a few clicks. And on the right day, a reminder came that it was time to pass them on.
  2. Resolve the problem of lost receipts. Make them easier and more understandable.
  3. Provide an opportunity to pay current bills in a convenient way and see the history of payments and debts.
  4. Implement the ability to easily contact the operator of the management company and see the progress of requests.
  5. Connect all residents to the house / district communities in order to promptly discuss current issues and vote for their solutions.

To solve the described problems, our team has already implemented the required functionality in Utilitium. We talked in more detail about how everything works at the presentation on the second day of the exhibition in the Open Talk zone.

Presentation about utility management software

By the way, the developed solutions turned out to be so relevant that three municipal services of our city (heat, water and housing office) contacted us to join the system.

Now our team connects consumers of Chernomorsk (over 70,000 people) to Utilitium. And next in line are new acquaintances from the EuroBudExpo-2021 exhibition, and with some of them, we are already discussing how we can get started.

We are satisfied with the results of the exhibition and are pleased with the opportunity to make the life of ordinary people more comfortable.

Best regards, OSSystem team.

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