Top Software Development Trends to Follow in 2020

If you are planning or already on your way to innovate in 2020, we got you covered. In today’s post, we want to showcase the most popular upcoming web development trends to follow in 2020.

Technology is evolving rapidly. Thus, it may be as challenging to stay one step ahead in trends, techniques and approaches in the web development industry as to forecast the future trends. However, we carefully analyzed the previous year and evaluated the most promising ones for the current year.

1. Cloud development

2019 has truly become the year of cloud services and cloud development. If you are still not aware of cloud development, it basically consists of integrated development environments, application lifecycle management components and application security testing components within and with cloud services usage. Large cloud services providers are offering free to use solutions to get your hands on cloud development for testing purposes. So if you still have not tried cloud development, you should definitely give it a try in 2020.

As for 2019, AWS took a lead place over the cloud services market. Still, Google and Microsoft services are growing fast and may overcome Amazon on their leadership.

2. Container management

Container management uses a platform to organize software containers, which may also be referred to as operating-system-level virtualizations. For the past year, it became a huge trend and attracted lots of developers with its ability to optimize efficiency and streamline container delivery without complex interdependent system architectures.

There are already acknowledged among developers names on the market like Docker and Kubernetes and they won’t slow their growth in the nearest future. Thus, we do see container management as a growing trend in 2020 and further upcoming years. 

3. Microservices

As shown by the Google Trends statistic report, the trend for microservices in software development architecture is steadily raising. One of the most obvious reasons for such a trend is the overall growth of cloud development popularity. It does not mean that microservices will replace the monolith architecture, but still should be considered as a go-to solution for the cloud software development in 2020.

4. Python

Whether you are planning to launch a machine learning, data science or software development project – Python is a great solution. It took a second place in the StackOverflow’s most beloved and wanted programming languages of 2019 survey.

Python definitely won’t replace the other programming languages, but we do see it as a thriving trend for the 2020 year. 

5. The dominance of Javascript in the web development industry

Over the past year, we have described how JavaScript evolved into a go-to solution for web development in our blog. With a big variety of frameworks and libraries, you can develop large and complex solutions in 2020 and based on the growth of microservices popularity it will only strengthen its positions in the current year.

As from the side of the frameworks, React is booming and overtaking the market. More and more developers are going to React due to customer requirements. However, we won’t say that it is definitely a strict leader among its competitors. In our opinion, the main three leaders will be Vue, Angular and React.

6. The growth cross-platform mobile app development

The idea of mobile application presence on both iOS and Android markets is too attractive for most of the entrepreneurs. That is why cross-platform mobile app development is constantly growing nowadays. With such solutions as Flutter and React Native it becomes much simpler to create native-like solutions for multiple platforms with a unified codebase. Due to existant cons, it may not become the main trend of the 2020 year, but still, we do see cross-platform development as the future of mobile application development industry. 

7. Outsourcing

Businesses are constantly looking for the best quality-rate ratio solutions for their development project. Outsourcing continues to grow. Thus, if you may not previously consider it as a solution for your business, you should definitely give it a try in the 2020 year. Taking first steps into software development outsourcing industry may be time-consuming, but it sure does rewards you with a benefit when you manage to establish a successful outsourced development workflow.

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What do you believe will become a growing trend in 2020?

For sure, this is not a complete list of software development industry trends for 2020. In this article, we have accumulated the most relevant and big trends which we are personally looking forward to seeing booming this year. 

If you are seeking for a free quote on software development trends for your particular project in 2020 – contact a team of experienced developers at the OS-System! 

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