Top 5 reasons why outsourced software development should be without any middleman

Today we want to tell you about who a middleman is in the IT outsourcing industry and why he is ruins it.

Middleman, in offshore development industry, is a person who plays a vital part in ensuring that the distribution channel between the development agency and the customer is complete. Over the year a middleman in outsourced development has become a growing trend, which influences the industry in a defective way. Customer simply does not have an ability to find a reliable contractor because of overflowed with middleman services market. That is why lots of the customers, because of the time limitations, are searching for a better middleman instead of  searching for right offshore development agency. We want to show that the time-saving benefits, that most of the middleman services offer, are not as useful as they may seem in the beginning.

Top 5 reasons why middlemen are a bad idea for outsourced web or software development:

1. Communication

If you have decided to find an offshore software development contractor by using middleman services, be ready to experience potential risks of miscommunication. 

It’s a common thing when outsourced development communication gets delayed because of the third-party contractors. This may cause additional time expenses which can influence and delay the deployment of the developed product or service. By contacting the developers without any third-party managers, you can provide a transparent field for project management which will eliminate any risks of miscommunication and unclarified details. 

2. Strict business relations

As we previously mentioned, when it comes to hiring an outsourced software development services throughout third-party middleman agencies there is no such thing as partnership. The only partnership you can have with a middle man is a strict business ones. When you hire a middle man to find an outsourced developers for your project, do not expect to get qualified developers and deep analysis of the specific needs for your product or service. Often, third-party contractors simply wants to close the deal and sell the developers to you as fast as they can to get the first bill. So, if you want to get qualified developers with high level of expertise and deep analysis for your project you should seek for the direct contacts instead of looking for a third-party service.

3. Lack of expertise

Middlemen services does not apply to a category of services where you can rapidly get qualified technical consultation. When you are contacting an outsourced software development agency directly, you can rely on their expertise and get not only coding as a service but also a qualified technology partner or advisor if needed.  In addition, there’s such a common problem as misunderstanding of specific technical needs at the planning phase which can lead to missed deadlines and additional costs. 

4. Overpriced costs

It is obvious that third-party consultants will cost you an additional amount of resources. However it is not the only problem, when talking about underpayments and overpriced costs. The second problem is possible underpayment and/or delayed payments for the development work. This can lead you to such potential risks as unfinished product or service and missed deadlines. Also, regarding the additional costs, you won’t have full control of the management on your resources and can be deceived by your middleman contractor.

5. Unclear restrictions and unexpected surprises

Having no control for the terms on which your outsourced developers will be working on your project, may cause unexpected problems in development of the project in general. Also, untransparent partnership with the development agency cannot give you any guarantees that your project will have stable established web or software development process workflow.


We believe that these arguments will allow you to get a clear understanding why you should seek for real experienced development agencies with in-house developers instead of giving this job to a middleman. As a company with 10+ years of offshore web and software development experience, we strive to create the most transparent environment to help our customers solve business tasks with both quality and delivery dates guaranteed. For us, transparency means permanent and direct communication between a customer and a team of developers leading to a clear distribution of responsibilities and a better understanding of the work progress.  

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