Top 5 helpful tips for Node.js in 2019

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best tips which will let you improve your skills and save your time on making projects.

Every technology is rapidly evolving these days. Our back-end developers are always staying in touch with the current trends and updates of the web & software development industry. Node.js made a big impact on making the JavaScript one of the most popular programming languages.

We believe that these quick hints can help improve your Node.js coding experience.

1. Keep your code short

Because of the smartphones, it’s critical to make your code as short as it is possible nowadays. One of the possible ways of optimizing your back-end code is to minify and combine several javascript files into one. The smoother and lighter your code – the faster your app will work.

2. Compress via Gzip

Make your work easier with a Gzip. It’s a useful tool which allows you to reduce the time lag and latency between the browser and the user. Improve the performance of your app simply by compressing the files.

3. Secure your applications

The security breaches are always a problem when developing an app with a database and this topic cannot be ignored. To check the current state of the vulnerability of your project you can use such tools as Snyk and Source Clear.

4. Do not render static assets with Node

Node.js is not the most comfortable tool for rendering static assets, such as images and CSS code. By arranging it in the different place you’ll simply reduce the loading of your server.

5. Make everything asynchronized

“Async – await” is a cool feature that was presented in Node.js 8.0 that helps you in handling promises rather than using callbacks. If you’re still not familiar with the async function, you should hurry up and fill your gaps.  

Do you agree with our picks? Here, at the OS-System, we are always open to discuss.

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