OSSystem During The War

The war continues in Ukraine. War, all the absurdity and cruelty of which is difficult to comprehend with the mind and heart.

At a time when the Armed Forces of Ukraine are resisting the enemy, and volunteers around the world are caring for those who suffer from the brutal cruelty of the russian army, business is no exception.

Ukraine’s IT industry is working to ensure the work of its employees and the timely receipt of taxes in the country’s budget.

OSSystem employees in different parts of the country and abroad also continue to work, because from the first days of the war we feel the support of our customers and partners around the world.

We work on our projects full-time as usual, and after this, we work as volunteers – we work for our victory and we are ready to provide the same opportunity to those who lost their jobs due to the russian aggression.

Together to Victory! Glory to Ukraine!

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