OS-System is one of the best software development companies of Ukraine in 2019

OS-System was included to the list of the best companies in the IT industry of Ukraine according to the National Business Rating of Ukraine.

OS-System was included in the list of the best in its field of outsourced development activity. The results of the annual national business rating of Ukraine have testified  our strong positions among the all outsourced software development agencies.

The survey was conducted in 2018 among 315,794 Ukrainian software development companies based on the main indicators of financial and economic activity. Our company has achieved bronze medal and the 81th place in the list of Ukrainian IT Companies. In addition, we have took the 12 place and the silver medal as the one of the best IT companies in Odessa. We continually assess our performance on the evolving needs of outsourced software development business in general and our offshore client base in particular. We are adapting and improving our processes and performance accordingly to ensure we continue to deliver a service that meets or exceeds the needs and expectations of our outsourced software development clients and partners. We are driven by a passion to create and build disruptive and innovative applications that help people solve real problems.

Congratulations, OS-System!

OS-System was included in the list of the best in its field of outsourced development.

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