How to successfully move your outsourced project to a new vendor?

If you want to move your project to a different outsourcing partner you will need to assure that the knowledge transfer from a previous company to a new one will be successful. However, it may be a challenge to deliver all the already existing information and codebase to a new development company. Today we want to provide you with key steps on moving your outsourcing project to a new vendor.

Poor quality of knowledge sharing when changing an outsourcing vendor may lead to additional costs and misunderstandings. When moving to a new development partner, you must assure that your new contractor will be aware of the all already existing information about the project. Having a planned knowledge transfer plan will save you a lot of time and money while keeping the overall development flow of the project stable.

Of course, the key step on assuring the successful knowledge transfer between the old and new development teams is to have explicit documentation of the project. However, the most valuable information oftentimes can be not documented and kept in the minds of developers. There are different ways of knowledge transfer flows for such cases, when you are planning to move your project to a new outsourcing vendor. Still, the key steps will stay the same for most of the cases. Now, let’s take a look at the key steps for a successful transfer of the project to a new development team.

Moving your project

Key aspects for successful project transfer to a new outsourcing vendor

With a proven record of successfully delivered projects which were passed from a previous vendor, we have evaluated the main steps to assure the high-quality knowledge transfer for outsourced web and software development projects.

Define what knowledge should be transferred

Every plan should start from the determination of what exactly do you want to do and what you are going to achieve based on the evaluated required activities. The same rule applies to the vendor changing activities. At first, you should define what information should be gathered and shared between the next and previous vendors. This step may vary based on your particular projects and the size of the team that is involved.

Evaluate the key people

Once you have determined the required information to be gathered and passed to a new outsourcing services provider, you must evaluate the key people who would be a go-to person to make the data transfer between the teams. It can be a Delivery Manager, CTO or Tech Lead, depending on the scope of your project and the size of the team.

Collect all the additional knowledge

It is must to record important meetings during the projects and keep track on the knowledge items to assure that if you will be changing your vendor, the new partner will be capable to understand the project as well as the previous one. By having all of the additional pieces of gathered info, you will add some extra points on assuring the quality of your knowledge transfer to the new team.


As an outsourcing services provider with more than 13 years of experience in the field of Internet Technologies, we have dealt with plenty of legacy projects passed from other development teams. Based on our experience we have evaluated the main steps in knowledge transfer. The overall success of the knowledge transfer in IT services outsourcing basically depends on such key aspects as people, processes, and the project itself. It is important to establish a high-quality knowledge transfer to the new development team to assure the success of your cooperation.

At OS-System, we focus not only on a technical part of our web and mobile solutions but also on the overall business success of our customers and partners. If you are looking for an outsourcing technology partner – we are always up for a new challenge!

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