Where to Find & How to Hire Developers for Your Startup

A new business startup is always fascinating. However, it also carries different challenges every new startup has to tackle. This article is worth reading as it will provide you with everything you need to know if you have decided to hire professionals for your startup. 

Article’s summary

If you are new to the startup field, it can be hard for you to make a strong team. To understand how to find a developer for your Startup, you need to figure out the exact needs of your Startup. Once you get to know some developers of your choice, Don’t rush to put them in your workplace.

First, check their pitch by general talk. If you feel satisfied, go for a one-month probationary period because many unprofessional developers break their commitments after one month. If you are happy, then hire them for your Startup.

Furthermore, if you are wondering how to hire a programmer for a startup, you need specific knowledge before hiring. If you don’t have a technical background and experience it for the first time, keep reading. Before hiring a programmer, define your idea, write an accurate job description, and structure your recruiting process to employ a programmer who is a suitable candidate.

Software development companies for startups work for people who don’t have the prior technical knowledge and want to establish a startup. You can get assistance from professionals while choosing your team members. All these factors will be apparent to you by following this guide.

Common Mistakes by Startups while Looking for Developers

Are you looking for developers for startups? Before you choose your developer, make sure you don’t make these common mistakes:

  1. Misunderstanding what kind of specialists a startup needs

Before you search for developers either by yourself or by a software development company, first, you need to understand your project requirements. Not only language knowledge is required here. You have to understand every phase of your project to check the developer on that basis. It will end up taking a lot of budget with colossal time waste.

  1. Misunderstanding where to look for them

While searching for a developer, if you trust an inexperienced software company, it will result in a significant loss. They will provide you a developer who may only have fundamental development knowledge.

  1. Misunderstanding how to hire them

It will be troublesome not to go for a trustworthy source for the hiring. Misunderstanding the hiring process will increase the risk of missing requirements, and be more time-consuming.

To cope with these problems, follow the checklist given below to determine who you need for your Startup.

Here are some tips you should check while interviewing

Though it will seem trivial, a team with startup experience has a significant edge over its rivals. The startup ecosystem is difficult to manage even after you grasp how it works. Each challenge is different because you have no previous startup experience. Comprehending the technology sector, though, is not the only thing at work here.

Having business experience would also make a significant difference. Someone with no business background is more apt to subvert the team in any way.

  1. Founder

Undoubtedly, the founder of an IT startup team would significantly impact the company’s growth or failure. They must immediately assemble the appropriate development team. If they encounter something the developer is not paying attention to, they indulge the team towards it.

  1. Talent

In the startup, the developer’s team collectively contributes according to their skill level. With experience, their skills polish, and someone with a high skill level becomes a pro developer of the company. 

  1. Adaptability

Rather than working on all aspects, assembling a startup team that can tolerate the startup with adapt-or-die essence would bring you competitive in the market. Adapt-or-die means the development team will not only work if the development goes well. They will work even for bad days too. 

  1. Communication

It’s nice to have a development team with well-experienced startup leaders, but it’s useless if they can’t interact effectively with the founder. Or the founder doesn’t communicate well with the developer’s team.

  1. Dedication

A startup team is not the same as a traditional company, and this is not by chance. Although startup budgets are smaller than those incorporated companies, jobs can be considerably more complex, and job stability is substantially lower. But a dedicated development team hired for a startup can work in every situation.

  1. Vision

Vision distinguishes the thriving companies. It is possible that the development team is only concerned about the next project. Still, your IT startup would have a much higher likelihood of lengthy sustainability. But, if your team is demotivated from the beginning, the organization’s future will be dark.

How to determine whom you should choose

Two factors help you to determine what the exact need of your Startup is. These are:

  • What to build at first
  • What to build at last

These factors help you to ensure the needs of the Startup by giving a complete roadmap. Once you get to know your required output, you can create a blueprint of your product.  These factors will help you choose which developer is needed for your Startup because not every developer is an expert in all languages and domains. After the product is finalized, you’ll see if the required product is essential and could be handled by a single developer. Go for it; otherwise, you’ll hire a startup developer team.

The team is an entirely professional package of members who have all the required expertise. However, the development company is a more advanced opt. It will be needed for your company only if you have an extensive startup plan and good initial investment.

The most significant advantage of hiring the startup development company is, “you’ll be fully free” there will be no need to test the modules and check the progress gradually. They will provide you the product with proper functioning.

Have a look at some tips when choosing a startup developer:

  • Go for a single developer when you have a new startup with definite requirements.
  • It is also beneficial when you have expert knowledge of development.
  • It will work for you when you have a little investment in Startup.
  • If you have little knowledge of the development process, go for the startup development team because you need to have an eye on the working and track their work.
  • However, if you have zero development knowledge or don’t have enough time to track the active phase, you should choose a startup Development Company.
  • Despite all the benefits, you must have a reasonable budget to hire a development company.

Note: When you have chosen your developer and are ready to start work; consult the development process with your team.

If your Startup needs a Single Developer or Development Team

Finding skilled software engineers for your project is difficult, but expanding your team will promptly provide you with the support you need. If you want a developer permanently, then you must go for a single startup developer. However, it costs a lot if you have limited resources.

In case you manage your resources, you can go for a freelancer. A freelancer is ideal for projects that are too small for a software development company but too large for the existing staff. It is simple to contract a freelancer on a quick engagement as a startup programmer, and you can assign projects to freelancers based on the company’s daily operations.

Pros and cons of Hiring a Single Developer

Single developer shows more dedication towards work as it is his jobProfessional developer cost high
Reliable and proven candidatesHunting for a professional could be time taking task
One-to-one communication convey messages clearlyIf the wrong person is chosen, it may cause a significant loss.

If the project is complicated and needs a wide range of experience, you should recruit an entire software development team. This means that a committed team is working as startup developers and is entirely responsible for its completion. This approach has the benefit of team members knowing each other and having extensive experience working collectively. However, since they are external collaborators, you need to work closely with them to check progress.

Pros and cons of Hiring a Development team

Save time and resourcesNo improvisation and quality check-in between the project
Managing Spontaneous LoadsCollaborations are not that easy
Professionals can manage the system security carefully.Regular tracking is compulsory

Once you have gone through the pros and cons of both options, it must be easy for you to choose one for your Startup. If you have selected a single developer for your Startup, you must start hunting for one and make sure to keep the tips in mind while hiring. However, if you want to hire a development team, you need to hire a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to manage a development team for you. CTO will assist the team regarding your requirements and will be responsible for the completion of your project.

Where to find Developers for a Startup

Although multiple people are claiming to be experienced developers, you must follow the given tips before hiring. Not every developer is a good cope for your Startup. To check their credibility, see their hiring rate and set a trial phase first. Once you are sure that they can work for your project, add them to your team. To find a developer for your Startup, you can go for the options and links given below:

  • If you want to hire a single developer, many freelancing sites provide highly expert developers; you can check on Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour etc.
  • You can also search for a recruiter by interviewing different people by their resume checking for a single developer.
  • If you want a good platform for job posting, AngelList provides the option.

How to find Software Developer for Startup

Are you hiring for Startup and the immediate need is the programmer? If so, you need to search for a good programmer with expert-level skills in programming languages and have commands on dealing with the deadline and are dedicated individuals.

To find programmers for Startup from different sites, follow the tips given below:

  • Specify all your requirements in your job description.
  • Try to ask basic technical questions in the offer.
  • When recruiting applicants, choose the candidates with a high hiring rate.
  • Put job openings on social media.
  • When searching for developers on freelancing sites, their experience must be tested by small tasks.
  • Also, check their credibility by their communication and dedication towards work.

How to Hire Developers for a Startup

When the job description and recruitment are done, you need to move on to the next step. At this step, you need to hire the candidates by conducting interviews. To find coders for Startup, follow the given tips when you hire a developer:

  • Try to explore their skill level.
  • Try to judge their experience by asking different scenarios.
  • Please give them a scenario to solve, choose the one with the appropriate answer.
  • Don’t ask trap questions.
  • See their communication level to understand their teamwork capabilities.
  • Discuss all your expectations for the right choice.

How to manage the Process of Hiring Programmers for a Startup

To address hiring software developers for Startup, you need to make a strong lead. CTO’s offer more focuses on technical information and provide the efficient product. They are mainly concerned with immediate issues. Do these things to effectively manage the hiring process of programmers for a startup:

  • Before you hire a programmer for your startup, outline your project. This will help you to know what you will need. 
  • Attract the right candidate for your project by writing an effective job description.
  • Set up your recruitment process in such a way that you only hire a programmer who is efficient enough and a good fit. 
  • Good communication is vital for processing and managing CTO.
  • Manage to work for long-term benefits not only the first looks
  • To better manage the CTO, be linked with someone having relevant experience.
  • Check the abilities of people, how they deal with the hurdles.

If your Startup needs a Development Company

When your Startup needs a development company, your requirements are a bit high, and you don’t have enough technical knowledge to adhere to the process. Assume that you are hiring startup programming experts; you need to track the company whether their company has skilled programmers or not.

Don’t just hire the company by a single meeting; analyze all the factors that lead to the success of your product development. However, hiring a company can help you a lot. Please have a look at some of its benefits and drawbacks below.

Pros and cons of working with a Developer Company

Hiring development company fill the gaps to develop a quality productIf there is a cultural misalignment, communication would be difficult
It is time-saving to choose a company rather than interviewing multiple candidates.Companies often hire low-talented developers to work for clients

Where to find software development companies for startups

Software development companies often work for your product thoroughly. They manage everything you desire. However, if your needs are such that you think the freelancer or single developer can handle the workload, it will be of substantial loss. Don’t risk your success. Your in-house team or co-workers could refer many of those to you. Must consider them if they meet your criteria.

If you want to hire a CTO for the complete process of your product development, follow this link.

When you are hiring a startup development company, follow the link given above. It’s interesting to note that even after having all the expertise and high hiring rates, not every company is suitable for you. As you have different plans for your Startup, choose the company with the appropriate skill set of your choice.

Keep in mind the following tips:

  1. If your colleague or co-worker refers to a company, don’t trust blindly. Test it well before you choose.
  2. If you get an online company providing all your required services, arrange a meeting and visit them.
  3. See, the team is working with innovative ideas or doing the same old-fashioned tasks every day.
  4. Once a company is selected, fix a trial session and test if it works for you efficiently.
  5. If they work well in the trial, choose them; otherwise, go for another company.   

How to hire Startup Development Company

If you want to hire Software Development Company, it’s pretty interesting to choose the one with all your required expertise. As companies may have mixed-level developers, it matters a lot that the company has the developer claiming. To assure their credibility, take a short trial session. The hiring process begins with recruitment once you have a list of companies that meet your requirements. After that, you need to compare the services the companies offer. Then choose the one with the best services and arrange a meeting. After testing, sign a contract and start working. You should do the following:

  • See the experience the company is having by looking at their portfolio and what they have achieved.
  • When you’re hiring a development team, compare their services with others.
  • If you find the right company for your development process, determine their working potential, dedication, and teamwork. You can see their performance by assigning a small task and see their response. In this way, you will easily come to know their work potential and teamwork efforts. 


Software development is no doubt a crucial task of time. What matters a lot is you need a team of expert developers who are capable of doing your desired jobs. All the details regarding searching, selection tips, interviewing, hiring, and processing are mentioned above.

Make sure you follow the information before you choose a single developer or go for a development company. However, if you have any query regarding the hiring of developers and don’t have prior technical knowledge, get a free consultation at OSSystem and get expert ideas for your Startup.

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