How Coronavirus Affects the Software Development Industry

As it is currently the biggest problem of 2020, the coronavirus has affected the global economy and the way of living for people all over the world. Hundreds and thousands of people are getting affected by COVID-19 each day. Today we will break down how these current events will affect the IT industry and what it may possibly lead to.

With the growing spread of coronavirus more and more companies are starting to renew their focus on remote collaboration with software development teams worldwide. However, switching to a remote-work may not be easy for some of the companies and organizations. This is strongly relevant for such industries, where the processes affect people’s lives, such as medical projects, safety-related projects and even education. We want to highlight the changes in the industry globally, and how to switch your web or software development activities to remote-based cooperation.

The sudden coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city Wuhan, now termed as COVID-19, and its fast spread to many other countries, endangers thousands of lives. Despite the fact that the first vaccine is announced to be produced in April 2020, the virus has already affected businesses across multiple industries all over the world.

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How coronavirus has affected remote software development

The boom of remote-work was the first announced by the Zoom company in their latest earnings report. The CEO of Zoom – Eric Yuan noticed that the spread of COVID-19 has largely increased the usage of Zoom. More and more companies are starting using the services because of the need in remote cooperation. Even the major companies like Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft are restricting all non-essential business travel to keep the virus from spreading.

Though the number of coronavirus cases may stay low in some of the countries, the demand for remote web and software development dedicated teams has risen drastically. The startup, SMB and even enterprise organizations are starting to look at how they can support remote work, after cancelling attendance in such big events as MWC. The reason for the large increase in outsourcing activities has been affected not only by the demand of remote cooperation but also because of investors becoming more reluctant to lend companies money due to the unstable situation on the market. With such an unstable situation, more companies are starting to look forward to remote cooperation with dedicated outsourced software development teams because of the quality-rate ratio.

How to move your software development to remote-based cooperation?

Though the outsourcing definitely has its advantages, for those who have already established an in-house team of IT specialists it may be challenging to transfer the project to a vendor. In such cases, the best solution would be to establish a remote communication throughout Skype, Zoom or Slack and manage the process of software development remotely with other specialized management tools like Jira, Redmine, etc.

If software development activities are not the core of your business, you should consider as a solution for you instead of cooperation with local teams. If you want to know how to move your project to an outsourcing vendor – check out our latest article: “How to successfully move your outsourced project to a new vendor


Coronavirus has risen demand on the remote web and software development services drastically. Though it may be a new challenge for some of the companies on the market to move their development to a remote-based one, it still remains the current trend due to necessary isolation all over the world.

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