How Can Enterprise Mobile Apps Help Grow Your Business

There is no need to prove that an enterprise mobile application will help a business reach a new level of development. This app increases productivity and helps to optimize the efficiency of business processes.

In this article:

  • What is an enterprise mobile application and why your business needs it
  • When you should create an enterprise application
  • Examples of enterprise mobile applications
  • How to start building an enterprise application

What is an Enterprise Mobile App?

An enterprise mobile application is an application that is used internally by a business to address its needs. This usually means that employees can install an application on their smartphone that helps them in their daily work. This definition does not include mobile applications created for the organization’s customers.

What are enterprise mobile apps used for?

  1. For business management
  2. To optimize internal processes
  3. To improve the efficiency of employees
  4. For internal communications and team management
  5. For inventory management
  6. For data analytics
  7. To detach from competitors

You need your own enterprise mobile app if the existing solutions on the market can’t meet the needs of your organization, while your business is sufficiently stable and ready to move to a new level of mobility.

Mobility is a prerequisite for competitiveness for any business, and future productivity growth will largely depend on this factor. Mobility leads to increased throughput (as measured by sales), reduced inventory and reduced operating costs.

How to understand that your business needs an enterprise mobile application

To do this, it is worth asking yourself the following questions:

1. What business goals do you want to achieve?

Just keeping up with the times is not enough, it is important to understand exactly what goals you want to achieve. Identify the weaknesses of your business, consider how you can make them stronger.

Let’s say you have a mall with hundreds of thousands of items and your merchandisers do not have time to control the availability of goods on the shelves in time. They have to spend time traversing retail space and revising shelves, which makes the work ineffective.

The solution will be to create a mobile application that will notify the employee in time that a certain product is running out.

Your goal in this case is to optimize the work of your employees.

2. What results do you expect?

To understand this, it is worth making measurements of key indicators that should be influenced by the integration of the application.

Following the example above, the indicator could be the availability of goods on the shelves. That is, the remainder of products on the shelves should not be less than a certain value.

Examples of enterprise mobile applications

Consider a couple of real cases with which we dealt.

Utilitium is an application for optimization of the real estate management process. Intended for employees of the management company: managers, administrators, operators and utility workers. It allows to simplify the process of billing for utilities, automate the accounting of bunches, speed up the processing of requests from residents, and much more.

ServiceDoc is an application for a law firm. Allows simplifying the work of a lawyer by automating the creation and verification of documents. Allows specialists of different competencies to work together on complex documents. Automates the collection of data from government registers. Optimizes the training process for new employees.

The demand for applications for the internal needs of organizations is growing rapidly. And today it is easier to create such software than ever before. If you are already thinking about developing software for your business, do not postpone it! Get started now!

How to start creating an enterprise mobile application?

The first thing you should do is make a list of business processes that the mobile application should solve.

If the list is long, it is worth choosing the 3-5 most important functions that should be in the application first. This will allow you to reduce budgets early and quickly deploy your application to your organization. After that, start developing the technical task (TT).

When writing a technical task, take your time and think everything carefully, otherwise, it may result in additional costs. Imagine and write down in advance everything about creating an application, from the first MVP version to the final version of the application (this is called the Road Map).

In the TT, describe how the application will solve business problems. Think about how it should be implemented, which employees will use it and how they will do it. We can send examples of competent technical tasks to you by mail. Contact us for examples.

If you need help with the development of a technical assignment, which will be understandable to the developers and will 100% cover the needs of your business, you can consult our specialists for free.

After the TT is ready, you can start to find a developer company. Read about how to choose a developer company and what the development process will be in our next article. Subscribe to us not to miss.

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