Cross-Platform Mobile Development with React Native

This article is a guide for product owners and CEOs who’s considering using react native as a tech stack for mobile development of their product.

React Native was introduced to the world by Facebook developers back in 2015. Based on a revolutional ReactJS it has made a big impact on the mobile development industry.

React Native Mobile Outsourced Development

What is React Native?

To put things simple, React Native is a Javascript framework which focuses on building mobile applications with native look in iOS and Android.

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library which was created in 2011 by Jordan Walke. The main purpose of React is to create interactive user interfaces. It was popularized by Facebook thanks to its simplicity, adaptability and high quality of performance. 

React Native was also introduced by Facebook after two years from the React’s official release. It enabled a possibility to create a high performing multi platform mobile applications. React Native uses ReactJS to build application components out of it.

Why React Native?

Native applications are called so when they are dedicated to specific operating system platform. The example of native programming language will be Swift for iOS development. The main downside of native development with a dedicated language is having a hard time making it cross-platform.

While React Native is not actually a native language to any of the mobile operating systems it uses the same building logic as iOS and Android both. This allows you to develop cross-platform mobile application which will look natively to its operating system.

Why to choose React Native over Native applications?

Here are the most popular reasons to go React Native instead of going fully native:

  1. Shorter development time
  2. Regular product updates
  3. One development flow for all of the platforms
  4. Lower costs
  5. Easier debugging

React Native is one of the most popular used libraries for mobile development.
Most of the developers prefer to choose React Native because of its simplicity and ease of use. But do not consider it as an “easy way” only for developers, faster development can also benefit your business. This framework will allow your developers to reduce the time of the development as well as its costs.

Mobile applications built on React Native:

React Native based mobile applications

Nevertheless, React Native is still not as big as the other programming languages in the world of mobile development, it still has a big and fast growing community. The cross-platform capability and time-saving opportunities are one of the top reasons, why you should think about React Native as a main technology for your mobile development project.

If you want to get a better understanding of mobile development flow using React Native, you can always contact us here. Here, at the OS-System we are always open to consult our clients in every aspect of mobile development. As an offshore development company with 10+ years of experience, we elaborately narrowed our mobile development services to be based on React Native. This allowed us to avoid scatteration and focus on quality. We work with both private and public sectors meeting all intricate requirements that the latter often lays down.

OS-System. We build your ideas.

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