How to Create UI Design for Startup

User interface design is everywhere; phones, computers, cars, and watches, you name it. Even simple things such as an alarm application need a good User Interface design to be functional. A good UI is smooth, and the user is guided to achieve his goal without any obstructions.
OSSystem designer answers questions about how to create a good UI design for startups.

Let’s first find out what UI design is

What is UI design

User Interface is the interface that the user interacts with, it is usually Graphical in nature. Crafting interfaces with an emphasis on aesthetics and interaction is what user interface (UI) design is all about. The objective of the UI designer is to build an interface that is both usable and pleasant to the eye.

The aesthetic decisions a designer takes while producing a product, such as an image, button, menu bar, or footer, are referred to as UI design. All of these factors will have an impact on the user’s engagement, thus they must be considered carefully.

What distinguishes a good UI design?

Good UI design is aesthetically pleasing design. This includes buttons, icons, fonts, color palettes, and navigation menus. In UI design, not only appearance is important, but also the simplicity and usability of the interface for use

There are certain characteristics that show how good the UI design is: 

Accessibility: the designer must consider a variety of needs when creating

Simplicity and brevity: users must be easy and quick to navigate how to perform the necessary tasks. 

Aesthetically pleasing: the design is not overloaded with different components and does not distract the user 

Important rules of good UI design (3)

 How useful and important is UI design for a project?

A good UI design not only serves a primary purpose, such as buying a product. It is also a great way to showcase your brand to the world. 

When designing, you need to think about what your users want, and make sure they get exactly the interaction experience you put into it. You have to make sure everyone is comfortable to use.

What are the main responsibilities of a UI designer? 

Let me remind you that UI means User Interface, so the UI designer is primarily responsible for the visual component of the product with which users interact: forms, buttons, selection of fonts, color palette, etc. 

The visual part of the design should be harmonious, directing the user to perform a desired action, without distracting attention. The design should be concise and clear. 

The interface should be convenient and comfortable for any user.

What tasks does the UI designer solve?

Based on the above, the main task of UI designer – is to ensure that the user can easily understand the product and make or make on a regular basis the necessary actions that were built into the product itself. 

When an application or website is comfortable and pleasant to use for the majority of users, there is a certain empathy – then the UI designer did an excellent job.

Where is it better to start creating UI design?

When we have already thought through the logic, functionality and system of the product, then we can start developing the UI design. 

It all starts with the creation of UI Kit – a system of guidelines in which we create everything: the icons that will be present in our product (you can create them yourself or use ready-made from a variety of ready icon packs), the selection of color palettes, font pairs, the selection or creation of various components, buttons, their states, etc.

Tips for Good UI Design

I highly recommend the Material Design and iOS Guidelines for detailed study – they are a kind of Bible for a designer. When you learn to understand, know and use the components from the guides, you can easily create your own, customize. 

It’s important for a designer to hone his or her own style. For inspiration, there are many interesting sites, such as one of the top ones, Awwwards. 

I also recommend watching lessons on YouTube, in particular to pump up your skills on Illustrator and Photoshop, these programs can help in the work, and knowledge of certain tricks allows you to quickly translate ideas into reality.

Tips for Good UI Design

What tools are the most convenient to use for creating UI design and why?

My main tool is Figma, of course. But many designers who work on Macs use “Sketch” tool for their work. 

Of course you need a basic knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop and the better to hone your skills in these programs, the cooler your projects can be. 

As for me, I plan to go deeper into animation. In addition to Figma, I want to learn After Effects, and I’m also interested in Motion Design.


The objective of today’s Design professionals is to create consumer-friendly interfaces, which stimulate discovery without fear of unwanted repercussions. Without a question, future interfaces will be more intuitive, attractive, reliable, and accommodating, however majority of the UI design ideas mentioned in the article will undoubtedly apply to them as well. Designing UIs is not simple but if you follow this article, you will be helped a lot. Please feel free to contact us in case of doubts by filling our feedback forms and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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