10 Best React UI Libraries

The rapid development of the best React UI framework and its large community is because of an increasing number of support libraries. Particularly UI Component libraries are the most popular. A few are best suited for general use, while others were designed for web development.

Many of these libraries are designed for specific utilization like enterprise production processes. When it comes to creating beautiful, advanced apps, these libraries save considerable effort and time. You can easily create a beautiful vision of your application with these frameworks. In this article, you will get a complete and detailed overview of top React UI libraries. The given libraries are trending in Google trends. 

What are React UI Libraries?

React is an accessible JavaScript library. The library helps create an excellent user interface for web and mobile applications. It appears to work well with other frameworks and libraries. React has an expanding set of assistance libraries.

Mainly the React UI Components library services are considerable. If you need to create beautiful apps, these libraries save pretty much time and energy. They include many pre-built elements such as icon frames, buttons, a date/time extractor, form feedback, a calendar, a menu, navigation bars, a card, and many others. The most popular React UI libraries, according to Google trends, are discussed below.

Top 5 libraries according to Google trends:

Material UI

Material Ui library

MUI offers a robust, customized, and convenient library of fundamental and progressed components. It allows you to create layout processes and implement React applications more quickly. It is the best front end framework for React app creation.

App bars, auto finish, badges, buttons, tokens, dialog boxes, icons, menus, rollers, and other valuable components are readily accessible. Beautiful, top-quality themes and frameworks are also purchasable to help you get started on your project.

MUI is offered as an NPM bundle. Some of the popular applications using MUI are:

  • Atomic CRM
  • Buybags
  • LightyearVPN
  • Backstage

Main site: https://mui.com/

Examples of applications using Material Ui can be found by clicking on the link: https://mui.com/discover-more/showcase/

React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap library

React-Bootstrap replaces Bootstrap JavaScript. Each component was created from the ground as a genuine React element. There are no unnecessary dependencies such as jQuery.

React-Bootstrap has significantly evolved along with React, making it a great choice as a UI base. Because of the wide usage of Bootstrap, many free and premium Bootstrap templates are available. Custom Bootstrap themes generally work with React-Bootstrap. However, it is valid as long as Bootstrap-defined courses and varieties are used.

Main site:https://react-bootstrap.github.io/

ANT Design

ant design libraries

ANT Design is a complete design system for oversized products. It is the best UI kit in the world for the best services.

ANT Design has some fantastic features:

  • Enterprise-class user interface for web services.
  • A pre-built set of elevated React components
  • Implemented in Typescript  with consistent static types
  • Endorse for internationalization in dozens of languages
  • Excellent theme customization options in every detail.

Ant Design is more than a React UI library. It’s a whole design system based on the principles of growth, rationality, surety, and freshness..NPM v4.16.13 is a steady version. It is hugely popular among developers because of its amazing range of applications. 

Main site: https://ant.design/docs/react/introduce

Semantic UI

react semantic ui

Semantic is a framework that aids in the creation of visually appealing, supportive layouts that use user-friendly HTML. The semantic React UI component is also free from jQuery, which makes it entirely React compatible. Semantic for React is better adapted for web development than mobile app development. It is because of its roots in assisting with responsive web design. Semantic works with simple phrases recognized as behavioral patterns to activate functionality.

Any arbitrary choice in a portion is represented as a configuration that developers can change. Performance tracking allows you to identify impediments. You don’t need to sift through stack trace amounts. Developers conveniently create stunning and adaptable web designs. They generate consistent code using the Semantic UI React library.

There is no shortfall of customizable components, allowing you to express yourself freely. Despite its distinctive features,  you may discover the library to be a little complex if you do not have hands-on expertise with JavaScript.

Main site: https://semantic-ui.com/

Chakra UI

Chakra UI library

Chakra UI is a basic, modular, and approachable elements library. It provides the foundations required to create React applications.

The following components characterize Chakra UI:

Simplify Styling: Chakra UI includes layout aspects such as Box and Stack. It makes it simple to design your elements by passing props.

Composability: Chakra UI components are versatile and configurable. They are added to a React UI Primitive, which allows for infinite functionalities.

Accessibility: Chakra UI components adhere to the WAI-ARIA requirements specifications and include the appropriate aria- * attributes.

Dark Mode: The majority of Chakra UI components are compatible with dark mode.

Main site: https://chakra-ui.com/

Popular React UI Libraries



Rebass is the best web UI framework for Interface elements. It allows the developer to concentrate on page development.

Rebass aims to be negligible, beneficial, unobjective, extensible, and themeable.  It is so through the first-class support for customizations and suitability with Theme UI. Rebass has a thematic provider that allows you to install themes. It will enhance the user experience to a new stage.

The documents contain a list of guides covering a wide range of topics. The library is simpler to learn. Developers will quickly become acquainted with the codes and syntaxes. It can also work with other libraries to boost the effectiveness of your web app.

Main site: https://rebassjs.org/

Onsen UI

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is another excellent React component framework that works with JavaScript and HTML5 and incorporates:

  • React
  • Vue
  • and Angular

The entire library is authored in pure Javascript (on top of Web Components). It is a structure challenger to be used with any framework and its techniques.

Onsen UI includes tabs, a side menu, stack connectivity, and a plethora of other components like lists and structures. They all encourage iOS and Android Material Design, with fully automated styling.It thoroughly changes the app’s appearance relative to the operating system of the device.

The library lets you visualize:

  • page transitions
  • graphics
  • spillovers
  • popup models

and other effects found on native Android and iOS devices.

Monaca and Onsen UI get along swimmingly.

Support: If you have difficulty using an element, the Onsen UI Forum or the community-run Discord Chat is great for getting help.

Main site: https://onsen.io/


Evergreen UI

Evergreen is the best UI library for React.js for creating successful web products. It’s highly adaptable because it’s built with React Primitive. The following characteristics characterize Evergreen:

Out of the box: Evergreen includes a set of refined React interrelated components straight out of the box.

Component’s flexibility: Evergreen components are adaptable and composable because they are built on a React UI Primitive. It allows you infinite composability.

Enterprise-grade: Evergreen comes with a user interface design language for enterprise-grade web apps.

Evergreen believes that it is impossible to predict future requirements. But it is possible to make a plan for them. It is a library designed to aid in the development of system-changing design specifications.

Main site: https://evergreen.segment.com/

How to use Evergreen can be found in this article: https://evergreen.segment.com/introduction/getting-started


Blueprint UI

Palantir, a US-based technology firm that focuses on big data analytics, created Blueprint, a React UI library. Blueprints and all other code measurements in their documentation are composed in TypeScript.

Blueprint’s React elements are primarily intended for use in desktop applications. These elements are ideal for creating complex and data-dense functionalities.

The component library can find breadcrumbs, buttons, notifications, cards, dividers, navbars, tabs, tags, and many other elements.

It is designed for creating complex, data-dense applications for desktop applications running in modern browsers and Internet Explorer 11. It is gaining popularity among developers; its ranking is gradually increasing.

Main site: https://blueprintjs.com/

How to use Blueprint can be found in this article: https://blueprintjs.com/docs/


Grommet UI

Grommet is the best React UI library that offers accessibility, modularity, and supportiveness. All these components are stacked in one neat package.

Its kit includes an extensive library of elements. The library also has powerful theming techniques. It allows you to customize the component library to match your preferred layout, coloring, and category. You’ll be able to construct layouts for your application whether for mobiles or for wider screens.

Main site: https://v2.grommet.io/

How to use Grommet can be found in this article: https://github.com/grommet/grommet-ferret


Although selecting the best React UI framework is not a simple task, you need to encounter various factors to determine one. However, the elements are not the same for all project types. It is of great importance to analyze the project and its requirements and then select a library. One wrong decision can lead to project failure. If there is something you’re unsure about your project, don’t rush. Take a deep breath and think about a reliable source to get help.

OSSystem is here to assist you in any difficulty while choosing a suitable library. Our team of professionals will guide you the best according to your requirements. The most significant advantage here is you don’t need to pay anything to get a consultation.  You can easily reach us through our feedback form. Our professionals will contact you soon.

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