Why Project Manager is an Important Part of Software Development Process?

The importance of Project Manager is an often question of many customers who want to establish a development team for their project. We believe that the following information will help you with that question.

Why Project Manager is important? This question comes to many of the entrepreneurs, especially if its the first web or software development project. At first, most of them see this as an unnecessary tax which expands the general budget scale. But, the truth is that the projects without a well-established management system are failing in most of the cases.

The mission of Project Manager is to:

  1. Create a connection between the customer and the development team.
  2. Give to the developers a clear understanding of the goals that should be accomplished

When do you need a Project Manager?

If your development team consists of not more than 3 developers, this is a fully new project and you do have a technical background – Project Manager is not an option for you and you can successfully guide the team with your own resources. In other cases, those are the most popular reasons, when you need a good manager for your project:

  • You do need a Project Manager when you do not have enough technical expertise and will not be able to efficiently manage a team of developers
  • If your development team is bigger than just 3 developers, you do need project management to reduce the time expenses. 
  • If the development project is important, but you need to focus on your business.
  • If you have a lot of ideas but do not have time for the communication and explanations to the development team.
  • When you want to get an alternative vision and some suggestments on improvements from an experienced specialist to your product

The Project Manager will allow you to get a clear understanding of all of the processes that your project will go through. 
As we have learned from our experience, instead of increasing the overall cost of the project, as it may seem at first, the Project Manager as a part of the development team can reduce the costs up to 20%. Great project management is much more than checking the delivery of a product. It creates a vision of success and unites clients with the delivery team in the most efficient way while keeping everything on track and controlling the general quality.

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Why Project Management is important in web & software development?

Project management in web, mobile and software development is a key to the success of achieving your business goals as a result of your product or service development process.

Adding a project manager to your team ensures that you will deliver value which meets your business goals and plans. However, if you are still not sure if it is the right decision for your particular development project, here is the list of the most impactful advantages.

1. Clear goals and understanding of the required result

When you are managing the developers without a dedicated experienced manager for this role, you may face such difficulty as getting your team to understand the final goal and the objectives that are must be achieved.

Project Manager can establish a sharp understanding of goals for the development team and drive them into a rapid and stable delivery process.

2. Leadership & communication

PM can drive the team and get them to perform efficiently. Instead of explaining your goals to a team of engineers, you can be in contact with one person who will perfectly understand your business goals and manage to guide the team to meet them. With a project manager in place, there is no confusion about who is in charge and in control of whatever is going on in a project.

3. Realistic objectives

An experienced manager can advise you and give you a realistic estimation of what could be done in what terms based on the understanding of both the technical and business requirements of the project. Without such, you should be prepared, that there is a risk of facing over-ambitious budgets and terms for the scope of work that should be done.

An effective PM can define reasonable terms and milestones for your particular project and suggest an optimal development strategy for it.

4. Risk management 

Project Manager can help you prevent the risks and avoid some issues along the development process. Risk management is also a critical point of general project success.

5. Order in all processes

Propper planning of all of the processes along the development iterations makes a massive difference when you have an expert Project Manager. Without the orderly managed process of development, there is always a risk of project failure, attrition of employee trust and resource wastage. To ensure that a project’s progress is tracked and reported properly it is a must to have a PM role in your team.


So, without Project Management, teams and clients can be exposed to a lot of risks that can affect the generall success of the project. The greater the management of the development – the more assurance in the success of it.

If you are striving to learn more about the Project Manager role and how it can affect your development project – we are always open to discuss. Here, at the OS-System, we always provide the best quality of communication and support services. You can always consult about your project by simply filling this form.

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