Top Reasons to Outsource to Ukraine in 2020

Over the last years, Ukraine has become a valuable player in the global tech industry. It remains as one of the top outsourcing destinations worldwide. Today we want to share with you top reasons to outsource to Ukraine in 2020.

Over the last year, the overall number of IT specialists in Ukraine has grown up to 200 000 software engineers. The number of outsourcing to Ukraine companies is growing rapidly and becomes the number one destination in Europe for outsourced web or software development. 

So, why Ukraine is the number one destination to outsource?

Outsourcing pays off and does it fast. With the global growth of outsourcing IT services providers, nowadays it comes more of a question whether to outsource to one or another country. That is why we want to take a closer look at Ukraine’s advantages as the best outsource destination point for 2020.

1. The overall quality of services and expertise of engineers

According to SkillValue, Ukraine takes the 8th place among the top countries with the most skilled software development engineers. Ukrainian engineers have a wide skillset consisting of the most popular modern development technologies.

Ukraine’s talent pool is rapidly growing along with the overall quality of the IT services. That is why big companies like Oracle are starting to adopt the value of the local IT and software development ecosystem to their unique business needs.

2. The level of technical education and the number of annual graduates

Over thirty thousand students are graduating every year from the universities all over Ukraine and half of them are potential IT-specialists. Technical education is a constant trend that ensures the stability of human resources for software development companies. Moreover, there are a lot of other IT educational opportunities in Ukraine like training, courses, hackathons, etc.

3. Optimal development cost

The average rates for the development services are lower up to 50% compared to the local development in the Eastern Europe region. For example, PayScale claims that a Middle-developer in Switzerland is paid roundabout $92 000 per year. This is the top of the list. In the USA programmers may expect to receive $79 000 on the average. In France, a developer is paid an average of $41 000 per year, in Ukraine – $29 000. 

4. High quality of communication

 The majority of the IT engineers in Ukraine do speak English on the intermediate level or higher. Also, Ukraine is in GMT+2 which means that with European counterparties we share practically the same working hours. As regards North America, we‘re still more convenient as compared to outsourcers in Russia, India or China. As a result, those are two major points that ensure the high quality of the communication which you can get while working with a Ukrainian outsourcing team.

Ukraine flag map

Ukraine is the biggest outsourcing center in Europe

The booming tech ecosystem allows Ukraine to more forward to becoming the number one outsourcing destination worldwide. Ukrainian developers among the leaders in the list of IT services providers with one of the best cost & quality rates ratio.

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