Top 5 Mistakes of Inexperienced Software Developers

In this list, we are not going to talk about syntax errors or how to code more efficiently. In this article, we want to show you what separates a beginning programmer from an experienced one.

At first, hiring junior software development engineers is not a bad solution for your project. Despite their lack of experience, they can perform successfully while having lower rates. However, you should consider having a project manager and (or) a technical leader to achieve qualified results with them.

Defining an experienced development team among the big variety of software development providers can be one of a task for non-technical entrepreneurs who are looking forward to software development for their business. Today we want to showcase some of the most common mistakes of inexperienced developers to help you understand the risks of hiring them on your project.

1. Miscommunication

Communication skills are as important in a development team as technical skills. Junior developers might not be able to listen carefully to the requirements of the project, because they assume they understand all that is required. In addition, the ability to read in between the lines while the client explains what he/she wants is a great asset which only comes with experience. A more experienced developer will have all the requirements of the project written down and sent to the client for approval or adjustments to make sure that they are both on the same page with respect to the project.

2. Misestimation

The other problem that is common for junior developers is misestimation. Because of their lack of experience, junior software developers do not know how to correctly estimate tasks which leads to missed deadlines as a result

3. Irresponsibility

Beginner developers may not be as responsible and focused on high-quality product delivery compared to experienced ones. Despite them being reluctant to make the deep dive and focused effort to really do something, they can just hope to find the answer on StackOverflow. Software development is much more than seeking for “how-to” answers on the web but is about using the right approach for the given project. A more experienced developer before beginning a project will understand the pros and cons of various technical solutions out there and can be able to make the right decision, similar to a professional doctor who by just asking several questions can diagnose what is wrong and can prescribe the right medication to a patient.

4. Lack of focus

It can be hard for beginners to focus on one task. This creates a risk of unoptimized time management on the project. That is why you do need a technical lead or a project manager who will not let loose the focus of the important tasks for the easier ones.

5. Inattentiveness

Lack of attentiveness is mainly caused by the lack of general programming experience. Inexperienced developers have a high tendency of missing possible future loopholes which is bad for your project because it means that you will spend more money on hiring someone to fix those issues in the future instead of focusing on new features for your website. In fact, we have found out that junior developers have a hard time asking the right questions since they don’t know what to expect before they begin a project. It is very important for developers to ask their clients the right questions to avoid future disagreements and really satisfy their clients – this shows they are attentive and they know what they are doing.


Junior software developers’ mistakes are mostly occurred due to the lack of software development experience. Still, a beginner developer can not perform efficiently on the project by himself. If you are planning to hire junior developers, we highly recommend you adding a technical leader to your team who could guide them and help to avoid mistakes.

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