Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

The mobile application development industry is growing and evolving rapidly. Today, we want to showcase some of the most blooming trends in mobile app development for the current year.

As studied, the mobile application market will grow up to 385% in the next two years and the number of mobile app users will be around 7 billion. Now, let’s take a closer look at the biggest trends in the current year.

1. Cross-platform development

As we previously mentioned in our global software development trends list for 2021, With such solutions as Flutter and React Native it becomes much simpler to create native-like solutions for multiple platforms with a unified codebase. Due to existant cons, it may not become the main trend of the 2021 year, but still, we do see cross-platform development as the future of the mobile application development industry.

2. IoT Mobile Applications

IoT industry is booming and the more companies are starting to integrate their system with mobile devices. IoT mobile application development is a huge trend for eCommerce, healthcare and companies from those industries are already integrating their software with mobile applications all over the world. Also, a lot of big companies, like Google and Amazon, for example, has already acknowledged the potential of IoT for mobile devices and constantly developing this direction of their business.

3. Chatbots

If you are always staying in touch with the latest software development industry trends, you are already aware of this trend, since it is booming and the advertisements of chatbots development services are all over the social media.

With chatbots, you can spend less time and resources on communication with your customers. We believe that the number of chatbots will hugely grow in 2021 and virtual assistant technology, in general, will not go anywhere and will continue to evolve.

4. AR & VR technologies

It took some time before AR and VR technologies had to stop being just only a gaming technology for PC. In 2021 this technology will thrive and continue showing its potential in the mobile application segment as well. You can already see how AR works well for Google Maps and how it truly shows the usability of such technologies.

5. ePayments

Electronic payments have become a big trend with the evolution of mobile devices. People more and more use Apple Pay or Google Pay systems on their daily basis. With this, more mobile applications are using these systems as the main payment methods.

6. Cloud development

Cloud development is already a big trend and it will become even bigger in the current year. Modern cloud integration services help mobile applications store gigabytes of data efficiently and perform complex tasks at a low cost. The big services available on the market, like AWS or GCP, will only straighten their positions for cloud development in 2021.

7. Smart accessories

Smart accessories, such as electronic watches, fitness trackers or electronic rings have closely integrated into our life. However, a lot of mobile application still lacks compatibility with such devices. We believe that the current year will bring more opportunities for mobile development in the smart accessories segment.

8. Artificial Intelligence

AI technology is not a fresh trend for the mobile application development industry since it’s constantly growing as a trend in general and slowly starts to affect more and more industries every year.

9. Mobile App Security

The leaks from major companies of the previous years have led to investments in the security segment for all kind of software development projects, including mobile application development. Today, high-level cybersecurity is one of the top goals for the biggest players on the market, which makes all other companies follow them on the security development trend in the current and further years.

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10. 5G technology

One of the hottest trends in 2021 is 5G technologies. The speed of the newest network will majorly affect business and mobile application development. This will highly affect all of the previously mentioned trends in the mobile app industry segment.

Let’s sum it up

Mobile application in 2021 is all about innovations, security, artificial intelligence, additional reality and being available among a big variety of platforms and devices.

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