Most Popular React Native Mobile Applications

Over the years React Native has evolved into a big preferable and trending solution for cross-platform mobile applications for many development companies all over the world. However, some of the entrepreneurs who are looking forward mobile application development still do not see this technology as an option for their project. Today we want to show some of the most popular mobile apps built on React Native and how you can build a complex cross-platform solution with it.

React Native was introduced by Facebook two years after React’s official release back in 2013. If you are not familiar with it principles – to put it simply, React Native uses ReactJS to build mobile application components out of it. This allows JavaScript developers to create a high-performing cross-platform mobile applications based on the solutions of this particular framework. 

For this article we prepared a list of mobile applications which were built on React Native by companies which are considered  one of the most successful businesses in their industries.

We have put together a list of the 5 most famous apps built with React Native here:


This mobile app is one of the most-heard names when talking about complex and big projects developed in React Native, excluding the applications made by Facebook themselves. The company uses React Native solutions to build their booking service which performs efficiently in real time in most of the countries all over the globe.

AirBnB presentation screen

Due to the reusable code of the React Native it successfully runs on both iOS and Android platforms. AirBnB has a reliable team of 60 JavaScript developers who continuously work on the improvements of the app. 


Uber Eats is the easy way to get the food you love delivered. Because of the React Native ability to establish enhanced UI for both platforms it was chosen by Uber as a main technology for their food delivery product. Uber Eats was introduced as a web platform at first, and due to being developed in React.js, it was successfully and rapidly transferred to iOS and Android mobile platforms. 

UberEats presentation screen


Well known amongst gamers, Discord mobile application was also developed based on the React Native technology. This application allows gamers to connect through real-time voice communication and chat within communities created by users. Discord mobile app shares about 98% of its code between iOS and Android versions of code. This application is one of the most significant cases which shows how you can develop a mobile app for both platforms within short terms.

Discord presentation screen


Instagram is an excellent example of a stable and complex social network that can be built on the React Native technology. Real time communications, video streaming, personal & group chats, photo & video sharing – this is just a quick brief on the current features that are released in the latest version of social mobile app which uses React Native as a main technology.

Instagram presentation screen

Sure, it was a big challenge for Instagram’s development team to transfer their app to the React Native, but the achieved value of a cross-platform solution speaks for itself. Right now, millions of users from all over the world use Instagram’s React Native mobile application on a daily basis.


Tesla presentation screen

One of the most innovative companies have also stopped on React Native as a core for their mobile application. Via Tesla mobile application you can control the system of your vehicle and it’s Powerball battery. Thus the functionality of the app is simple and the user feedback is very positive.


As shown by big companies from different industries, React Native serves for complex cross-platform solutions as well as for simple mobile applications. Its wide community and lots of contributors is another strong reason for choosing this technology for your mobile app development project. However, to achieve a significant performance of the React Native mobile application you need to seek for experienced mobile app developers

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