Major Mistakes To Avoid During Web Application Development

Regardless, whether you are starting a web development project or have an already existing stable web application, a simple mistake can make a critical impact on the project sometimes. Thus, you need to be aware of the most popular mistakes in web development, so you can minimize the chance of negative events on your project.

Ever since the world wide web has become a public domain, web development has evolved from simple websites to complex and large web applications. Today, a wide variety of business is being run through the web and the number of industries that start diving into web development is constantly rising. All of the web applications are being made by humans, and since we are all humans, we all make mistakes from time to time. However, today we want to showcase some of the most popular mistakes in web development that you should be aware of.

1. Old technologies usage

Not always the long-term presence on the market is a good sign when choosing a web services provider. For example, outdated HTML usage can lead to inconsistent behaviour of your web application across different browsers and devices. If you are working or planning to work with a web development agency, you should be assured that they use only modern technologies and methodologies, so you can assure the stability of your web product or service. With old technologies and elements, there is always a risk that your project will be harder to support and in some cases, this can make it even less secure.

2. Underestimation of testing importance

Quality assurance is important for large and complex web applications as much as for simple web pages. However, not all of the developers and entrepreneurs who runs a web development projects are showing enough attention to this part. The best practices of web development always mean to test your application as precisely as possible. Remember that saving a budget on quality assurance can potentially create a risk that it may cost for you as twice as much in the future.

3. Lack of optimization

Whether you running a small web page or big custom CMS, you need to optimize your code to be compatible with different devices, screen sizes, browsers etc. Such incompatibility can be occurred due to the negligence of your development team. To avoid that you need to check the optimization level of your web app either yourself or delegate this to a quality assurance team.

4. Lack of communication with the development team

To achieve a successful result with your remote team, you must start from the ground and provide them with your vision of how the process should be going.

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The lack of communication between the customer and the development team may affect the development process in a negative way. No matter if you stated out all the requirements at the beginning of the process, you still need to be in touch with your team at every stage to avoid the misunderstandings and unsatisfying result at the end.

5. Underestimation of the design importance

When you are looking for a development team, make sure that they can provide you with high-quality UI/UX design services. No matter if you are planning a small or large web development project, the user interface is a window for the world to experience your brand or product. A powerful user interface bridges the distance between the human brain and the digital product. Understanding human behaviour is key to unlocking the exceptional user experience.

6. Overcomplication of the process

Another general tendency of web development agencies is to unnecessarily waste their valuable time creating web content. They might be doing repetitive tasks or typing irrelevant content. There are a large number of new tools and process techniques that you can utilize effectively to increase the efficiency at each stage of the development process. You can smartly utilize the time wasted over the documentation purpose to do something fruitful. For instance, you can use the free tools available to simplify the process of testing and troubleshooting.

How to avoid mistakes with the web development team?

If you will identify these web-related common mistakes, you can easily eliminate the errors in your web application development project. Remember, any of the above mistakes can make your web application development project fail. By using the above-given solutions you will assure the success of your project.

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