How to establish a perfect communication with an outsourced team?

It is obvious that outsourcing has already become a massive trend because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. However, it still may be one of a challenge to establish a high level of communication with an outsourced team due to the different factors. As an experienced outsourced development services provider, we have gathered the key elements to make your communication successful.

Remote communication is not always an easy task for the management process. If you want to make your processes well-established with an outsourced development team, you should always keep the following aspects in your mind. This will help you to avoid misunderstandings and unexpected pitfalls with your outsourced vendor.

To achieve a successful result with your remote team, you must start from the ground and provide them with your vision of how the process should be going.

Choose the right partner

Consider this as a pre-stage of the high-quality communication establishment with an outsourced vendor. There are not so many factors to rely on while choosing an outsourced partner, but still, should be considered as the most important stage in outsourced development process establishment.

Evaluate the ground rules

The first step in high-quality communication assurance is to set the basic rules of how communication should be going between the management and an outsourced team. For example, you can define what sources should be used for daily communication and what for the important messages. Also, you should plan your meetings in order to assure the stable schedule for the project.

Manage the time difference

Time zone difference with an outsourced development team is not as scary as it may seem for those who still have concerns regarding such cooperation. Many of the entrepreneurs are only looking for the vendors which are located as close as possible to their time-zone.

Of course, this may not work in every case, but you can start using the time difference as an advantage instead of keeping it in mind as an opposite. As simple as it sounds, you just need to plan your schedule relying on the remote team, which will allow your project not to lose even a minute of work progress.

Give your team some time to adapt

Remote work may be challenging to manage at first, but when you pass the first one or two weeks of cooperation, it can become a rewarding process as a result. Remember, that if you start the project from scratch with an outsourced team or adding some remote staff to your already existing one, you need to give some time for adaptation. With regular communication at first, you need to adapt your team to the project and precisely define the ideal way of your cooperation.

Build trustworthy relationships

Building relationships and trust with your remote development team is one of the most important keys to perfect communication and management. Being open and agile in the matter of management is the optimal way to trustworthy relationships

You can meet your team in person in order to achieve the best result in building trust and relations with your team.


To have perfect communication with an outsourced development team you need to define the best vendor for the project at first. The key to the success with your team is grounds on being open and agile in terms of management. You need to listen, respect and care about your team to lead your project to the best results.


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