Grammarly – the most successful Ukrainian startup in 2019

Grammarly has achieved a great accomplishment gaining $1 billion investment and becoming one of the biggest startups of 2019 in Ukraine. Let’s take a quick brief over the key to their success.

We want to proudly announce that one of our country’s startups has achieved big success in the field of educational technology. According to the TechCrunch announcement, Grammarly has become one of the most successful Ukranian startups and gained 1 billion dollars of investments into their pool. This result was achieved due to the General Catalyst company and lots of new investors.

As a project, Grammarly® is a writing assistant that checks grammar and suggests the corrections anywhere you type your text and can work as a Google Chrome extension. The company was formed in 2009 in Kyiv and started making its first steps into a commercial business field in 2011. From this period the number of customers has grown rapidly and tripled in 2017.

Grammarly example screen

“I’m very excited about how the Grammarly grows. We’re investing into new technologies, so our service can help people make their communication in English clear and consistent, to help them in using the right tone of speech and put up their thoughts correctly”

Dmytro Lider, co-founder of the Grammarly

According to the company’s announcement, Grammarly will use its investments to raise the spread of its product on the market and to work on continuous improvements.

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