Best Web App Development Stacks: Ultimate Guide & How to Choose

In web development, the outcomes are always concerned with the optimal findings. The application’s efficiency is the primary factor of success. The best stack for web development must be chosen wisely. Here you’ll get detailed information for all the characteristics of the technology stack. You will end up with the correct technology stack for your project according to your needs.

What is a Technology Stack for Web Development?

Web Technology stack is a combination that consists of tools and resources like a framework, database and a programming language. Furthermore, this tech stack is classified into two parts, front-end and back-end. Both the categories vary in web development components. However, the process performs both tasks to ensure the collective outcome. You need to connect both for the development of a successful web application.

What are the Components of the Web Stack? 

A well-organized web application stack easily operates with both frontend and backend development parts. Let us discuss both development stacks.

Frontend Web Development Stacks

A broad and vague toolkit of technology is used in front-end development. Frontend methodologies, library, and package supervisors are used to install interconnected resources of a given product. It is not a complex job to construct structures to digitize several tasks.

Testing techniques, change control devices, cache tools, or implementation software are examples of software. OSSystem’s frontend team develops the latest frontend stacks. These stacks include a plethora of other reduced components that work finest in tandem. There is no requirement to remember them. But if you’re curious, you could always request them anyway.

The frontend tech stack is composed of various tools that are needed to create the front-end. The most popular parts of frontend development are:

  • HTML – It directs the search engine to highlight the fundamental substance. It is the foundation of a web application.
  • CSS – CSS gives styles for formatting to HTML content in the browser.  CSS governs the fonts, sizes, color schemes, and other static components of the frontend.
  • JavaScript – It’s a programming language to convert HTML elements into dynamic content. It adds a layer of interactivity to the front end.
  • Frontend UI structure – Common UI frameworks include React, Vue, and Angular. The structure allows users to develop on top of the normal structural components.
  • CSS preprocessors – These are extension languages such as SCSS, SASS, and LESS. You can use them to circumvent CSS’s limitations.

There are a lot of front end frameworks! We compared them and found the answer: Best Front-End Framework for Web Development.

frontend and backend development

Backend Web Development Stacks

It is a grouping of backend technologies that application developers use together. As in front end, backend stack also includes a range of software elements like Docker tool. You can enhance the application and its activity by its implementation. For User interface your APIs are used and to interact with the schema, data store and Google search algorithm.

Although back-end is not visible to the users of application but it handles various functions; such as:

  • Business logic
  • Verification
  • Database administration
  • And interconnection with the web application

It is composed of a server, a repository, and the software resource working on it, and is also recognized as server-side. Backend development necessitates the use of these website development stack elements.

Operating System (OS)

It is the basic element of the development and is installed prior to the development. It’s generally either Mac, Windows or Linux.


Server-side web technology enables search engines, applications, and the server to communicate with each other. You can transfer data through both ends by HTTP/HTTPS.


Databases store the user information, exchanges, items and other data. MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB are the trending databases.

Programming Language

The backend app was designed using a variety of web application programming languages.  Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and Java are the most prevalent programming languages.

If you are going to create an Android application after a web app, you should know which programming language is the best for Android backend development.


The framework shortens the time for development by supplying templates and other components. The best web application framework should be capable of performing all the functions.

Full Stacks for Web Development

The front and back end stacks may trouble the developers to care about. Through strategic perspective, the development stack is affected by the most crucial choice. Corresponds to web technology pairs, necessary components of a contemporary app are:

  • The frontend framework
  • Backend way to solve
  • Database
full stack software developer

These 3 are required, but a stack might include other components such as:

  • A software application (e.g., Express for Node)
  • A state management solution 

And it needs assistance for large applications for better scalability.

Full stack web application technologies are often shortened based on the innovations that constitute them. Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node are perfect examples. However, any technology revolution can work around each other. The three required ingredients in the combination are supplemented by:

  • Vue or React (for Angular)
  • Symfony (for Node)
  • MySQL (for MongoDB)

Trending Web App Development Stacks of 2021

In 2021, we will have entered a new era where certain technology stacks will be at the frontline. These technologies will conquer the state of web development. Do you have any idea about the latest web technology stacks of 2021. If your answer is no, this article will assist you in this regard.

The development stack is a major part of success in the development sector for many years. Besides, as you know, the web development world is evolving, as are the new tech stacks.To make 2021 a successful year for your organization, you need to select the best web development stack. Thus, for your assistance, here is a compiled trending web development stack.

Flutter for Web Development

Flutter for Web Development

Flutter for Web is a key differentiator when dealing with cross-platform application development. It has the same User interface and industry logic for all the systems. You shouldn’t have to waste hours on operation with Flutter. It is very easy to resolve problems, add more features, and create UI without sacrificing speed. It eliminates the risk of speed while developing UI, adding updates, or removing errors. It is one of the best tech stacks for web website development of 2021.  Furthermore, it is a consistent and controlled software technology stack.

Cross-platform technologies comparison: Flutter vs React Native – Which is better? What should you choose?

Serverless Tech Stack

Cloud-based app development is a famous trend in web development lately. It could be beneficial to you. With the availability of tools and technology by serverless systems, you can easily manage your system. However, this technology stack can be used to scale several clients all through huge spikes. Once the spikes settle down you can easily scale down the stack. This serverless processing was initiated in 2008 by Google applications engine.

Popular Stacks for Web Development

Here you’ll get the most popular development stack.  You can get a strong comparison between them. It will assist you in the selection of a suitable stack for your website.

MEAN Stack Development

Because of multiple benefits, experts consider MEAN innovation the finest for web development. It includes:

  • MongoDB (it a basic NoSQL database)
  • Express.js (framework for the backend working)
  • Angular (a front-end framework)
  • Node.js (an accessible cross-platform server)

All these components help to create a challenging mobile and web application. This stack only works with JavaScript. Its elements are JSON-savvy and excel at data transfer, and it includes a free component repository. This means that developers can use this code throughout the app without starting from scratch. This advanced technology stack requires only a basic understanding of JavaScript. The stack also assists in the development of projects that are quick, efficient, and expandable.


  • Offers Extreme adaptability
  • Less Expensive
  • Easily Accessible
  • Simply change among client and server mode
  • Outstanding for real-time web apps
  • Saves a lot of time


  • Detailed support is not guaranteed
  • May be prone to security issues

By the way, did you know that Node.js is the leader among backend technologies for web applications? You can use Node almost for any application. Here are 12 types of apps where Node can be used (with examples of course).

MERN Stack Development

MERN is similar to MEAN, except for minor technological changes. The basic change of this stack is the replacement of Angular with React. The common benefits of this stack are:

  • The incorporation of React with strong library
  • It has the ability to utilize sources on servers and web browsers simultaneously.
  • It also has fantastic full-stack advancement capabilities.

React helps us to operate JavaScript XML and Simulated Document object models collectively to make advancements. However, it is a widely used framework recognized for its versatility and outcomes strategy. It makes it possible to develop a high-end and one-page mobile application with feature requests. The MERN technology stack includes comprehensive testing techniques and it’s free with local support. It is the 2nd most popular web stack of 2021.


  • Rendering and efficiency of the user interface
  • Budget-friendly
  • Free
  • Quickly move between server and client mode


  • Inappropriate for critical systems
  • Reduced productivity
Popular Stacks for Web Development

MEVN Stack Development

As a frontend structure, Vue.js replaces Angular in this variant of MEAN. This blueprint has grown in fame within recent years. Its success is anticipated to remain until 2021 because it is lighter than Angular. Vue.js comes with core functions out of the package.  You can simply enhance other facilities to extend its capability.

 Vue.js is a mixture of two popular variants Angular and React. It provides great results and a detailed toolset. This framework is a MEAN stack offshoot in which Vue.js is used rather than Angular.  Its main advantages are amazing effort, a clean programming sense, and a huge tool scheme.

If we are discussing complicated tasks with security and reliability necessities. It may include financial institutions or the government sector. It is of great need to build up a technology stack that will assist us to meet all relevant specifications. Have a deep look at the popular web stack and then select one of your choice.

LAMP Stack for Web Development

LAMP is an absolute solution for moment-tested practice that includes MySQL, Linux, PHP, and Apache. Lamp is open and accessible to every user. It is easy to operate with Lamp on all OSs. It offers high effectiveness, efficacy, and versatility in the development of various websites. Its elements can be swapped out or altered within the same stack. This stack has the potential post for developing traditional and sophisticated web apps in 2021. This is the result of the provided easiness, power, and consistency.


Ruby on Rails tech stack caters to devs. It is accessible, objects-oriented, and employs the Ruby dynamic coding language. Ruby website stack makes it simple to develop lightweight and highly flexible applications.

This stack operates in conjunction with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is mainly concerned for dynamic interfaces, an XML or JSON to send files. It assists the user to utilize the pre-defined constructions for web pages and data management. It is also beneficial for developers to make a thorough log for bugs to build error-free applications.

Python for Web Development

Python web stack is becoming popular nowadays. It includes web development structures including Django, flask, pyramid, and others. Python is the software application of fantasies for document management, e-commerce, on-demand applications. Python makes it quick and straightforward to create prototypes. Clients can get a good idea of the features of their product by using prototypes. Python is compatible with several other programming languages, providing clients with greater flexibility.

Criterias for Choosing the Right technology Stack for Web App

When you know everything about the factors of the technology stack. Then you need to have a look at the criteria for an appropriate technology stack for the web.

1. Project type and size

Primarily you must have an idea about the type of web that you’re developing. Technology stack consists of tools for the development of your application. First, you need to understand your application needs to build an efficient application.

Web development can be classified into three types based on their degree of complexity:


These web applications are built using off-the-shelf solutions. Website content and simple e-commerce platforms are two examples.


These applications have more features than simple apps and are formed using structures. Apps for huge e-commerce sites and businesses are two examples.


Such web apps have various functions and implementations; they are created using multiple web development techniques and written in multiple languages.

Knowing what type of web app you want would not be enough; you should also consider your business goals.

Handling heavy loads: If your web project requires load handling, you should use programming languages and structures that support it. Examples include streaming video applications and file transfer services.

The latency is low: To create your web application successfully and with low latency, you’ll need to use a different tech stack. Its most appropriate example is social media networks.

2. Time to market

It’s all about being the one to commercialize for startup founders. As a result, you should think about popular and tried-and-true technologies. Popular frameworks typically have a comprehensive environment that aids in the reduction of development cycles.

web development market

When developing the MVP, select a web stack that endorses the application’s key characteristics. You can easily market your web solution. Simultaneously, you’ll want to think about future growth, in which the stack can easily integrate with third parties.

3. Scalability

That’s always an excellent way to create a web app with the fewest features possible to evaluate it in the real economy. However, it would help if you still considered scaling the apps in the long term. When selecting web stacks, make sure the elements and structures are scalable.

The techniques you’re using to build an MVP may be adequate for multiple users, but will they hold up once you have many users on the platform? Keep one eye on immediate needs and another one on future growth.    

4. Development cost                           

Long story short, transforming your concept into a real-world web application is not free and requires resources. The selection of a website technological development stack has a significant impact on development costs. There are two primary considerations you must make:

Development cost

Salaries for software developers:  Web developers are seasoned professionals who are very well compensated. Their salaries, however, are determined by the technology solutions with which they work. As a result, your costs will vary depending on the technology stack.

The cost of app maintenance: Creating a web app is only one side of the equation; the other is its maintenance. It would help if you used open-free techniques to cut care. The Ruby on Rails development platform, for instance, is accessible under the MIT license, which implies it can be amended without limitation.

5. Security

During the last two decades, our world is turning electronic and thus has malicious actors. Cyberattacks pose the most significant risk to online companies. Governments and businesses are collaborating to achieve the highest level of cyber defense possible.

Without a doubt, you would like to have your web app to be safe. As a result, you should select the latest technology that will help you to create a truly secure app. Many conflicting viewpoints on which programming language is entirely safe, but no language assures complete safety.      

secure web development

Ossystem is here to assist you in choosing the appropriate technology stack. Our professionals are dedicated and concerned about the best technology stack for your application. Reach our experts to get a free consultation through feedback form. You’ll get amazing apps developed.

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Stacks of the Popular Web Projects

The most popular web applications are composed of the best stack for web applications. You can check these popular web applications, and choose the one suitable for your application.


Pinterest is a social networking site that enables users to share and discover new objectives. It is intended to get the most benefit and revelation of information available on the internet through images on a smaller level. It was developed using the Nginx server, with Django backend using JAVA and Python programming languages.


Shopify is a platform that allows business people to influence their e-commerce websites. The main concept of this efficient web application is Ruby on Rails. It is composed of the Nginx server, MySQL, Hadoop, Ruby, and Go development tools.


Instagram, a used social networking platform, is written in Python. The backend plan comprises Django, PostgreSQL, and Redis.


Reddit is a well-known news platform and debate forum. It was built with the Nginx server, Jquery, PostgreSQL, Flask, and Python.


With 2 billion/ month users worldwide, Facebook is considered as the best social network. JavaScript, React.js, Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Memcached are all part of its technology stack.       


Choosing the right tech stack is a genuine struggle. The main idea which should direct you is this: technology stack must be chosen based on specifications of your task. If you’re not familiar with web development, leave it to the experts. Our team is ready to find you the best technology stack. Just contact us.

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